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We Design the YouTube Channel for the New Year

All bloggers, brands, or just people who actively conduct social networks know that by the New Year, the news feed everywhere turns into a cluster of bright shining pictures, holiday videos and unusual creatives. Agree, in this festive bustle it will be hard to stay afloat with your everyday videos.

We've prepared some tips and tricks so you don't forget to transform your YouTube channel for the most magical holiday of the year.It helps you to attract more audiences without buying subscribers Youtube.


Christmas and New Year symbols must appear on all visual elements of your channel design.


Since this is the main part of the design, it bears the most responsibility for the overall atmosphere on the channel. Therefore, you can experiment with it as your heart desires: from complete transformation to small festive elements on the existing design.

There is plenty of space on the banner, this is the best place to use volumetric elements - it is here that it is appropriate to add deer, Santa Claus, a Christmas tree and other traditional attributes of the New Year.

But do not forget that all the elements of the channel design must create one overall harmonious picture. Therefore, think in advance how to beat the banner with covers and an avatar.


Here you need to be more careful than with a banner, because it is by your avatar that subscribers identify you in the feed and recognize you among other bloggers. If for the holidays you change your “YouTube face” beyond recognition, there is a risk that your New Year updates will work in the opposite direction and, instead of engaging the viewer, on the contrary, alienate the existing audience of fans. Therefore, it is worth changing the ava carefully. How:

Add graphic elements to an existing design; take your photo with New Year's attributes (for example, put on a Santa Claus hat, wrap yourself in a garland, dream up in this direction); change the basic colors of the avatar without changing the location and shape of the elements - use red, green and white colors, as they are associated with the New Year.

IMPORTANT! Remember that ava is a fairly small image, and especially on mobile devices, it is displayed in a tiny size. Take this into account when developing your New Year's design - do not use too small elements or those that can be distorted due to size.


If you are creating a video with a perspective to be found in winter and summer, you should not make too catchy a New Year's decoration. After all, such a cover will be irrelevant in other periods, and the user simply may not open the video if he stumbles upon it in July, for example.

It is only recommended to do seasonal cover updates if you have situational or regular content. In this case, let's figure out how to do it right.

Surely you already have a developed style of cover design and they all look harmoniously together. It is important to stick to your style even during seasonal changes.

How to do it?

do not interrupt the overall style of the covers by drastically changing them in a Christmas way; add New Year's elements to the cover of each video gradually, as you approach December 31, and also gradually remove them - so you can harmoniously increase the saturation with festive elements, and its peak will fall just on New Year's; Do not overlap the main elements of your original cover template with New Year's attributes, so that the emphasis on this topic does not become too large and does not distract attention from the main topic of your blog. In the beginning your video boosting you can YouTube buying views online.

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