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Most Demanding Cyber Security Jobs in India

Across diverse industries, there has been a projected surge in demand for cybersecurity goods and services in recent years. As online usage increases, cybercriminals are getting smarter. So, organizations suddenly need to upgrade their cybersecurity infrastructure to protect their systems, data, network, and business. Failure to protect their infrastructure from cybersecurity attacks might result in a bruise to their reputation. 

Therefore, it is evident that both businesses and people desire to safeguard their sensitive information and valuable assets. Even in India, cybersecurity is rapidly expanding, providing immense job opportunities to Indian cybersecurity experts. However, if you are new to the domain, knowing the job paradigm of cybersecurity might be pretty confusing. 

This article will walk you through the current state of the cybersecurity job market in the country. We tried to provide an overview of job descriptions, skill requirements in this field, and the top salaries cyber security positions in India bring. So, let's understand more about cyber security jobs in India

1. Cybersecurity Analyst 

IT specialists and cybersecurity analysts collaborate to monitor the organization's security controls and safeguards. They carry out the following tasks to plan, implement, and update solutions:

  • Locating security infrastructure weaknesses before they are exploited
  • Internal and external audits are watching over the systems
  • Testing, risk analysis, and security evaluation

2. Information Security Manager

Information security managers play a significant role in identifying vulnerabilities in information systems that increase their susceptibility to assaults. They are responsible for protecting networks and systems from hacking and data theft. They scan the company's data, computers, and networks for potential cyber threats.

Businesses that fail to protect sensitive customer information or break data protection rules can risk paying substantial damages and fines. As a result, it makes sense for big businesses to hire information security managers and steer clear of such situations. In India, the average salary of an Information Security Manager in India is nearly 1,612,782 INR per annum.

3. Cybersecurity Engineer

Security engineering functions are essential for technology projects to be strengthened and advanced. The job of cybersecurity engineers is to design and implement secure network solutions. Companies respect the comprehensive knowledge and experience that these IT practitioners bring to the table because there is a significant demand-supply mismatch in the required workforce's skills.

An Indian cybersecurity engineer typically earns an average of 648,124 INR per year. Consequently, this position joins the list of those with the highest wages in cyber security in India and globally. Additionally, leading tech companies in the US regularly hire qualified applicants for this engineering position and provide them with good salaries.

4. Security Architect

Researchers and planners of security components for their company are security architects. They collaborate with the programming team to construct the final structure and are essential in need-based designing. Along with creating the architecture, they are also responsible for creating the company's policies, processes, and user manuals.

In India, security architects earn an average salary of 2,233,499 INR annually.

5. Network Security Engineer

This position is comparable to cybersecurity engineers, except that it requires protecting the complex parts of computer networks. The following tasks are what a network security engineer is responsible for carrying out:

  • Maintain server architecture, LAN, WAN, and security systems.
  • Identify system weaknesses and enhance automation. Watch for email security, virtual networks, online protocols, and other firewalls.

Modern companies know how challenging it is to secure computer networks fully. As a result, the expertise and knowledge of network security experts are extremely helpful in fixing any potential security flaws. 

The initial yearly wage for this post is nearly INR 559,902 in the country, depending on the company, the region, the applicant's background, and seniority. 

6. Ethical Hackers

Ethical hackers and penetration testers use their innate knowledge and expertise. Their work is essential to cybersecurity as they evaluate and dissect system, application, and network vulnerabilities. The frequency of these security tests can be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

An organization can harness the latest hacking techniques by employing ethical hackers. Additionally, insider knowledge might aid in defending businesses against sophisticated cyberattacks and fraud. In an ethical hacking position, the average salary is approximately INR 513,333 per year.

7. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

The CISO title completes this list of India's highest-paying cyber security positions. These senior executives oversee company-wide initiatives to improve the network, internet, and data security.

The chief information security officer (CISO) safeguards the technology and assets by setting the company vision, strategy, and programs. The average annual salary for a typical CISO position in India would be close to INR 2,273,419.

8. Incident Manager

Incident management focuses on determining the best resources and expertise for handling specific security issues in an IT organization. Incident managers are tasked with putting together teams and are entirely responsible for the outcomes when something goes wrong.

Therefore, a C-suite position necessitates exceptional leadership potential and problem-solving skills. Technical staff employees typically rise to this managerial position after receiving appropriate certifications that support their qualifications.

For this position, top tech companies like Amazon, Cognizant, Barclays, and Tata Consultancy Services provide an average yearly salary of INR 588,827.

9. Cyber Security Consultant

You might work as a freelance cybersecurity consultant assisting companies with their problems. However, any client would need to have faith in you before they hire you for a project.

You must obtain professional credentials and show prospective employers your professional experience. Knowledge of the most recent security features, practices, and facilities would be crucial.

The majority of businesses typically employ consultants under a contract or retainer. The average annual salary in India for a cybersecurity consultant is around INR 1,212,935.

Security device developers, information risk auditors, intrusion detection specialists, cryptologists, and computer security incident responders are further career opportunities for cybersecurity professionals.

Wrapping Up! 

As you saw, cybersecurity is one of the leading sectors in India. So, it's the best moment to jump into learning cybersecurity and kickstart your career in India at the earliest with Simplilearn online courses.

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