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Dealing With a Dropped Hard Drive:
The Do’s and Don’t’s You Must Follow!

When you drop your hard drive, it will surely become damaged or die. All the data present on that hard drive will be lost as well. Drops are said to rend head crash on the drives, which clearly means that the drive heads will get much closer to the drive platters. 

This will stop the hard drive from functioning as it used, and you cannot access it anymore. That's why you must properly take care of the hard drive, so it doesn't get damaged or destroyed. But what happens when you DO drop the hard drive accidentally? Let's find out!

The DOs and DON'T’S of handling a hard drive

When it comes to taking care of a Dropped Hard Drive, there are some DOs and DON'T’S that you have to follow. They are:

The Dos's 

  1. Check to see if the hard drive is working
    If you have accidentally dropped your hard drive, you must check whether or not the drive is still functioning. You have to be pretty clear about it. If your hard drive is placed within an enclosure, there is a high chance that the enclosure is the one that is corrupted rather than the hard drive. Be sure to connect your hard drive to your laptop or PC and test it out.
  2. Speak with the hard drive manufacturer
    When the hard drive is not working properly, it will be much better to take it to a professional hard drive manufacturer. Remember, all the drives come with a warranty, and when the drive is under the warranty period, the manufacturer will take responsibility for it. You will surely receive useful advice. Also, if you don't have any crucial data on the drive, you can ask the manufacturer to provide you with a replacement.

The Don't’s

  1. Don't try to conduct the drive recovery work with a software
    You might try to repair the drive independently when there are no up-to-date or effective data backups. When looking for suggestions online, you will come across drive recovery software that guarantees to repair the dropped drive. Do NOT think of trusting them at all. Your Dropped Hard Drive is suffering from physical damages, and the software will only repair logical problems rather than the issues it faces.
  2. Don't try to repair the dropped drive by yourself
    Fixing or repairing a dropped hard drive on your own is a pretty common thing. But the results are surely not positive. When you don't have the knowledge or skills to repair a hard drive, you must not try to fix it alone. Debris or dirt in your room will completely damage or destroy the opened hard drive. 

Improper moisture will have a massive impact on the hard drive. Opening a hard drive comes with numerous demanding requests, such as a clean room, special tools, and various other things. If you do not possess these things, it will be better to contact an expert for the job.

The Takeaway

Dropping your hard drive accidentally can cause internal and external damage. The best way to handle a dropped drive is by testing it out to see whether or not it's working properly and taking it to a professional engineer to get it fixed.

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