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Cyber Crimes and the Necessity of Cyber Security Online Training Courses

Cyber crimes are one of the biggest threats to today’s digital world. The estimated cost of cyber crime stood at $3 trillion in 2015 and it may increase to $6 trillion by 2021. Worldwide, nearly one-third of companies have been affected by cyber crimes. Even 62% of owners and CEOs of the companies are concerned about potential cyber threats to their companies. Today, the cyber security world has been divided into two types –those who are vulnerable to hacking or those who are fighting to save their companies from imminent cyber-breaches. Cybercrime has almost turned into some degree of the profession and become increasingly attractive for efficient hackers and adopting the cyber crime “as-a-service”. 

Cyber crimes have become a form of business. To combat cyber attacks, there is a need for proper cyber technology and training. Cyber degree hub can give ample details about cyber security training courses online.

The governments and cyber policy-makers worldwide warn businesses and corporations should increase their cyber security. But the surveys indicate that the businesses feel the other way round which means they don’t take cyber protection seriously. There is a notion that anyone could commit cyber crime via communication flaws. 

Then, cyber crimes are international problems and are borderless, meaning they go beyond nation-state borders. Cyber security is specifically designed for applying the expertise that is gained from analysis or investigation and management of cyber crimes, incidents, or cyber warfare. Cyber degree hub is best known for details about advanced cyber security training courses.

The management of cyber crimes and conflicts demands an interdisciplinary approach that includes the understanding of the following things: 

  1. Characteristics of cyber crimes, threats, and conflicts 
  2. International efforts of reducing and improving cyber protection 
  3. Psychological and socio-political aspects

The online cyber security course training is also designed for reaching an international audience and will also encourage discussion on various contemporary cyber security issues and developments. It is sure to enrich the experience of the participants on cutting-edge crime issues. Cyber degree hub will give you an idea about online cyber security training courses. 

These cyber security training courses offer assignments and assessments that are supported by video lectures and selective study materials. Being graduated from these courses, the students will able to know the following things: 

  1. Identifying the actors( Individuals or nation-states ) involved in cyber breaches 
  2. Differentiate between an array of threats & issues involved in data theft and breach, political surveillance, important infrastructure security, and propaganda 
  3. Basic knowledge of internet infrastructure & international efforts for addressing internet governance 
  4. Listing the international efforts that address cyber crime and surveillance 
  5. Evaluating how principles that regulate international conflicts can be applied to cyber security world
  6. Application of different psychological theories linked to human motivation, cooperation, communication, and analysis of political theories related to different international issues related to cyber security like censorship, media behavior, and role of societal technologies. 

In this case, there is no need for background knowledge and skills, but you need to be familiar with cyber protection measures, Internet infrastructure & international law. These things will be beneficial for the person who takes part in these courses.

Also I'd like to suggest the resource: In-Demand Skills for a Successful Career in Cybersecurity published by Purdue University Global, which explores the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals and what factors have caused such a spike. It also provides relevant career information, such as the common certifications to have and the skills one needs to have a quality career in cybersecurity.

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