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Cyberattacks: Who and How?

The rising power of digital services in every country and on citizens' existence is undeniable. More information than ever is stored digitally, more infrastructure than ever is managed digitally, and more and more financial and businesses move from the physical to the digital every day. 

A cyberattack has the explicit purpose of attacking these services. Through these attacks the potential to shut down power grids, destroy pipelines and infrastructure, and to make private information public is realized. In 2021, a cyberattack cost a company $4.24 million on average.

This makes digital attacks both a powerful and realistic fear. 93% of Americans fear a complete cyberwar in the future, and few believe the country is ready for it. Although the U.S is predicted to be the most secure, many still fear because of the potential consequences. 

Already the war in Ukraine is showing some of the effects of a physical war alongside a cyber war. Effects like government sites going down, financial institutions being wiped, these are realistic fears that countries have to be ready for. Time will only tell exactly how ready other countries are.

Cyberattacks: Who and How?
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