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Cryptocurrencies That Are Heading
Towards a Better Future

Cryptocurrencies are the new type of currencies that people are talking about and investing in because of the perks that it offers to investors. After Bitcoin, many currencies as altcoins have come into existence keeping up their own popularity amongst its investors. Here this topic will discuss the top 5 private currencies as discussed below:


This cryptocurrency was laid down in the crypto industry in 2016 by Zooko Wilcox. It is a cryptocurrency that aims to increase privacy through the cryptography features as compared to other famous coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It shares many similarities with Bitcoin such as sharing the same codebase to having a limited supply of coins. It provides additional security by enabling shielding transactions by applying zk-SNARKs also called zero-knowledge proof that keeps the identity of the investors intact. As per the market cap, the currency holds its position at 42 numbers. Two added features of the currency are to keep privacy and fungibility. If required, you can refer to the information on this website to get a better insight into it.


Verge crypto is like any other cryptocurrency is a non-centralized and open-source cryptocurrency that provides many layers of private transactions. It was founded in 2014 and initially was known by the name Dogecoin Dark. In 2016 name amendments were made and finally, it was named VERGE. Just like Bitcoin it also allows one to keep a transparent track of all transactions but keeping the location and anonymity of the investors off from anyone. This feature was availed through joining Tor to not reveal IP addresses through stealth addresses that hide the amount of the transactions. This currency gained momentum when it had collaborated with an adult website that accepted payments in this cryptocurrency. As per market cap, it has ranked 111th in number with a value of around 105 million dollars.

  • DASH

Dash’s foundation year is 2014. This cryptocurrency through its Private Send feature allows its investors to check if their transactions and identity are not revealed. Although this feature has a little more transaction fee. If an investor wants to go as per its respective country’s regulations, that person is free to do so.


Monero is a popular currency that enables a person to have anonymity while performing a transaction. The transactions that are taking place are difficult to track because they use two most famous features, one is stealth addresses and the other is ring signatures. These two popular methods do not reveal the identity of the parties transacting with each other. Ring CT is the other feature that helps to keep the value of the transaction hidden.

  • BEAM

The beam is also a privacy-focused coin that keeps up with the security and privacy of the parties and the transactions. The transactions by default are private and any other information is not otherwise uploaded on the blockchain. It has a small block size and many other advanced features that make the transactions made on this platform more scalable. As per reports in terms of market cap and value, it is 249th in the position amongst other cryptocurrencies.


The article mentioned above gives a piece of knowledge about private cryptocurrency. 5 of such cryptocurrencies have been mentioned briefly and easily. Any investors who are looking for private cryptocurrencies, this article will give you the knowledge you are desiring in your future crypto investments. I hope the article served the purpose of teaching and making you all learn about cryptocurrencies. Wishing you all crypto investors a stroke of profitable luck in your journey towards a profitable future.

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Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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