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Crucial Things All Android Developers Must Be Aware Of

Android Developers

Developing an app for Android appears to be an enticing business opportunity due to rapid technological advancement and digitalization in all spheres of life. However, there are 2.65 million apps on the google play store, so surviving among these apps is nearly impossible if your application is not superior to the existing apps in terms of quality.

Accordingly, your developer must be able to create an app that can compete in the app market. Thus, it is recommended that your software development service is well aware of certain crucial aspects of android app development:

1. Programming Languages for Android

Programming languages used for android and iOS are different. Your developer must be well-versed with the programming languages used for android app development. The most commonly used languages for android software are:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • XML (for user interface development)

2. Tools

There is a wide range of tools that can be used by developers to create a high-quality app. However, developers must be familiar with the most accurate and useful tools for android App Development. Here are a few of the most common tools:

  • Android Studio: Android studio offers a variety of tools that enable the user to design, develop and test the app more efficiently and accurately. Through this tool kit, you can create an app interface that would be compatible with all android devices, and you can also pace up the coding process.
  • Flutter: this is another tool that makes software development convenient. This tool is particularly useful if you aim to develop software for iOS and android simultaneously because, through flutter, you can make one code that is compatible with both operating systems. In fact, the code would also be compatible with other operating systems such as Linux and Windows.
  • GitHub: GitHub enables developers to document all changes in the codes, and thereby, it allows the team of developers to collaborate and coordinate. It also allows team discussions and enables the coders to identify errors.
  • Android Debug Bridge: This tool is used to test the app and identify any bugs in the program. This tool is available on Android studio only, and you won't have to install it separately.

3. Google’s Standard for App Development

Google has laid out a set of guidelines for android developers so that the software created is up to mark.

Data Protection and Security:
Google is very particular about the privacy and security of users. Accordingly, it guides the developers to:

  • Develop a proper and secure internal data storage system
  • The data shouldn’t be stored in any non-resettable system
  • The software should not request customers for too much information or permission. Only the absolutely necessary permissions and information must be taken.
  • Customers should be informed about why the software needs permission/ access to information and how the software will use them.

Google emphasizes the importance of excellent performance. As per Google standards, your software must be:

  • Highly responsive and interactive
  • Fast - Low loading time
  • Compatible with the latest version of Android
  • Developed using the most recent version of the android app development toolkit

Visual Experience:
As per the latest guidelines, the visual experience of the users is of utmost importance, and it entails:

  • Easy navigation – the default back option must be supported by the software enabling users to navigate the app easily.
  • Data restoration – the software must be able to restore data if the device sleeps during any process. For example, if the device sleeps during a transaction, the data fed into the software must be restored, enabling users to continue from the point at which they left.
  • Notifications - the notifications should not promote the advertising of any other product; they should only be related to the apps. Ongoing notifications are only possible in case of an ongoing event. Notifications should be properly formatted to serve the purpose they are meant to serve. For example, a message notification must have the option of reading the message through notification and responding to the notification.
  • High standards of User Interface and User experience - The interface should be compatible with portrait and landscape modes. The transition from portrait to landscape or vice versa should be very smooth
  • It is also recommended that the users should be able to switch to dark mode without compromising on the interface of the app.

4. Android Software Testing

Software testing for android is very different from iOS software testing. Android is the operating system for a very wide range of devices. So, software development for android entails testing it on a range of devices to make sure it works fine on all of those devices. The testing process is also more time-consuming for android.

However, there are a few tools that enable software testing:

  • Android Debug Bridge
  • Genymotion
  • Jetpack – UI automator


Developing software for android is a highly technical task. You may need a team of professional android developers to handle the task for you. Android Software development entails:

  • UI/UX app designing
  • Coding/ Programming
  • Data security and data management
  • Quality assurance via testing
  • Documentation
  • Effective communication and coordination among all the developers

Once your software has been developed and even launched, it still needs to be maintained. The long rigorous process of app development and app maintenance can get very tiring. Thus, you are recommended to hire a company to provide all the development services and make the process more convenient for you.

But before you invest in an android app, ensure that you have conducted your research on the market for android software. Weigh the pros and cons and evaluate if your app will even be profitable, given the services you are aiming to offer via your software and your targeted audience.

They may also help you make a timeline and a budget. Experienced developers also know how to cut the cost without compromising on the efficiency and quality of the application.

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