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10 Crucial SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Know

Getting leads and converting them to customers is a tricky thing. However, if you have the right skills in this digital age, you can take your business to new heights. SEO is among the essential business skills of this age. Companies like Globex Outreach use SEO to bring more sales to businesses.

SEO Ranking Factors

What Is SEO

SEO is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimization." It includes a set of techniques that help your business website get on top of search results in simpler terms. Any business would want to rank on top of SERPs as there are more than 4 billion active Google users! SEO helps you get visible and build an audience. You can find the most reliable local SEO company.

The 10 Crucial Factors

Well, if you already know about SEO, you would know that there are many ambiguities in this field. Some say that it is no longer useful (which is wrong), and some claim to bring results within days. Remember that without following these essentials, you can't bring success with your SEO strategy.

Keep reading this article to find the most important SEO factors in 2021.

1. Authoritative Content

Have you ever been interested in hearing the gobbledygook of someone who knows nothing about the industry they are talking about? Well, you will never want to do this. Creating quality content that provides insight to the reader about the industry is the most important SEO ranking factor.

Google has also improved the ranking algorithm and now incorporates NLP tools to recognize good content from bad content. So now, if you write poor content, forget about getting ranked on top!

Here are some tips you should follow for writing good content:

  • Write content that is relevant to your industry.
  • Include images and infographics in your content.
  • Follow the right writing guidelines and increase readability.
  • Update your content published in the past from time to time.
  • Properly format your content and produce long-form content.

2. Good Backlinks

We love to stay in touch with people who are popular among our peers. The reason? Because we think that everyone trusts them, and we must trust them as well. Similarly, from the early days of Google, websites with more backlinks get on top of the SERPs.

Backlinks prove to the search engines that a website is trusted in the industry, and readers love its content. In the meantime, it also shows that you are serious about your industry and publish good content regularly.

But, when it comes to building backlinks, it is not easy for everyone. Here are some ways you can build backlinks for your website:

  • Employ the proper local SEO strategies.
  • Try blogger outreach for getting backlinks.
  • Publish your website in different directories.
  • Learn about how guest posting can help you.

3. Website Loading Speed

SEO Ranking Factors

Suppose that you are given a chance to visit the best place globally, but the place is too far away and the transport is slow that you will get there when you are near to death, would you still want to go? Okay, this may sound irrelevant, but this is precisely the case with your website's speed.

Even if you have good backlinks, have published content that attracts readers, and implement the best website design strategies, people will still stay away from your website if its speed is super slow. Google and other search engines now value page speed as one of the most crucial SEO ranking factors.

Curious to know how you can increase the speed of your website? Here are some tips for improving your website's speed:

  • Enable compression and optimize images.
  • Use a CDN for increasing your website's speed.
  • Make sure that your webpages are not too heavy.

4. Good For Mobile

You must've seen the meme on the internet where some people are enjoying something extraordinary, and the caption goes like "No smartphones, just people enjoying the moment." Well, right there, you can understand how smartphones are now a part of your life. From toddlers to grannies, everyone is using them.

When it comes to SEO, you have to optimize your website for mobile devices. Here's how:

  • Use mobile-friendly WordPress themes.
  • Build a mobile version of your website.
  • Optimize text for smartphones.

5. Search Intent 

SEO is all about optimizing your website to the needs of the users. In SEO, one of the important things is understanding the need for searching on the internet. Some keywords show listicles in the results, while others show videos on top of SERPs. Identify the intent behind keywords and work accordingly.

6. Optimize the Keywords

Keywords in not everything in SEO, but they are the foundation of any SEO strategy. Hunting for the right keywords enables you to decide who your audience is and how you can target them. Not all keywords are the same, and you have to make sure you are after the right keywords.

Willing to learn more about optimizing the keywords? Follow this:

  • Use the right tools like Google Keyword Planner.
  • Follow the less difficult to rank keywords while starting.
  • Avoid spamming keywords on your website and in your content.
  • Find the keywords that you should target using Google Autocomplete.

7. Structure of Your Website

There are bots called "Crawlers" that crawl or analyze every website for ranking purposes. While ranking websites for SEO, Googlebot gives leverage to the websites that have a proper site structure. Try building a proper hierarchy on your websites and divide content into sections alongside a good sitemap.

8. Security of Your Website 

As mentioned earlier in the section about writing content, no one will trust a website that is not established in the industry. In the same way, you should take measures to improve the security of your website. Make sure that your website incorporates HTTPS encryption so you can rank better for SEO.

9. Improving the User Experience

Gone are the days when websites that looked like they came straight from 1995 could rank on top or SERPs. Now, user experience plays an integral role in SEO rankings. Things like improving your website design and enticing the readers to stay on your website are essential. Follow these tips:

  • Take steps to increase the CTR of your website.
  • Ensure that you minimize the bounce rate.
  • Use CTAs and engage the readers.

10. Build an Audience

Wouldn't you love it that there is a community that values your content and shares it regularly? If you succeed in building an audience, you can ensure that your SEO rankings get better over time. Follow the trends, give expert advice and use social media strategies for building a loyal audience.

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