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How Top 10 Cross Browser Testing Automation Tools Protect Your Investment and Reputation?

Cross Browser Testing

These days websites and web apps have become powerful mediums to conduct businesses. Though brick-and-mortar stores have not entirely disappeared in the town, the customers still prefer to buy products or services online. The reason? It reduces their legwork and allows them to purchase most things from the comfort of their couch. If you also have an ecommerce website or web app that sells consumer products, you must ensure it delivers an excellent experience when your end-users interact with it. But the question is how? Well, that's where cross browser testing automation tools come in. 

We know your next question would be what cross browser testing automation tools are and why you need to use them. So, we have prepared a solid answer for that in advance that you can see below. 

What is a cross-browser testing automation tool?

The cross-browser testing automation tool is a massive software package that lets you automatically test your website's performance on different combinations of browsers, devices, and operating systems. In this type of testing, you need the least or no human intervention at all to check whether your website is working as expected at your potential customer's end. 

Throughout this process, your website will get accessed through:

  1. Different devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones 
  2. Different browser and operating system combinations; for example, on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers on Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. 

Why is cross-browser compatibility important?

You know well that people are using many web browsers these days for web surfing purposes, and each of them has a different architecture and standard. Therefore, it is necessary to test your site on all the widely available browsers to ensure all your users get a seamless experience while navigating your website. Here, you need to understand an imperative thing that the purpose of using cross browser testing automation tools is to check a website's functionality, not its appearance. 

It means if your website is performing equally under various web environments, it is more likely to drive high user engagement and conversions. But if it doesn't, you need to fix the issues preventing your website from functioning correctly on any browser. Remember, passing your website through this testing phase is vitally crucial since each user has their preferred web browser, and there are fewer chances that the developer and visitor use the same browser

What are some popular cross-browser testing tools?

  1. Selenium 
  2. Perfecto
  3. Browsera
  4. Experitest
  5. Lambda Test 
  6. Ghost Inspector 
  7. Sauce Labs
  8. Functionize 
  9. Browserling 
  10. Mabl 

How cross-browser testing protects your investment and reputation? 

It's no secret that you have made a colossal investment to make your website live and running. So, you want to attract as many visitors as possible and promote your brand's products or services among them. Thus, it is crucially important to know how your site performs in multiple browsers, mainly when you have redesigned your website, and want to ensure that your investment will yield impressive results down the road. Bear it in your mind that website testing in various browsers can help make sure that your brand makes a great impression on your existing and non-existing customers. 

Besides this, automated testing is an advantage that requires no human interference throughout the process, saving your precious time and energy that you can invest in your core business operations. It will help you ensure that your users find your website working correctly, responding quickly, and displaying properly - whenever they use it. However, if you are not tech-savvy, you can still hire a leading website testing company in the US that will conduct the complex testing activity for your site. 

Do differences in browsers and browser versions matter?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. It is critical to know the real-world experience of your end users on your website; it doesn't matter whether they use Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, or 11? Maybe your site is an informational portal, a lead-generating machine, or a revenue-generating source; all the buttons, logos, search bars, product links, and the company name should display correctly on the user's browser. It will enhance their site-using experience, and they will willingly return to your site in the future if they need something that you offer. 

According to the US Government, top browsers have a high market share, such as:

  1. Chrome – 35%
  2. Internet Explorer – 28%
  3. Safari – 20%

The last note 

We hope you have learned many things in this article, including cross-browser testing automation tool, their importance, examples, and how multi-browser testing protects your investment. So, if you are searching for a seasoned website testing partner in the market, look no further than a trusted website testing firm in the US. 

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