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The Colossal Creation and Running Cost of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has managed to attain unbelievable heights in the past few years after its introduction. Its integration and operation base has repeatedly become topics for debate in spaces even outside tech. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are now in the mouths of people in society. A popularity that is quickly becoming like that of fiat currencies, except that all cryptocurrencies are made through a digital wallet containing the coins in question. In our current age, the general perception is that fiat currencies are and will always be of greater value when compared to any form of digital money.

However, this perception is slowly fading into a thing of the past. Several people are starting to see the possibility of cryptocurrency completely taking over the traditional banking system. The series of doubts on the success of these cryptocurrencies were birthed from their inconsistent fluctuations on the charts and overnight change in their values. But somehow, these coins have still managed to thrive and pack with them a huge level of demand. Some of the majors digital coins making these waves include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, and several others. The heights and levels of profits these coins have been reaching in recent years are why several individuals are considering entering the cryptocurrency development business. Before you can delve into such a type of business, you should know the different stages to achieve this goal, right from the first step of conception to implementation.

Cryptocurrency is just like every other type of business; you have to handle legal matters as a first step to ensure your endeavors are within the law. What differentiates cryptocurrency creation from other types of business is the algorithm base and implementation offerings. The algorithm base is basically a description of the technological framework the coin will follow. The implementation offering is divided into two parts which are

  • Initial cost offering
  • Initial exchange offering.

Initial cost offering. This is a description of the developing party’s account. In essence, it is the process of pushing out the coin towards investors on the world stage. This part usually involves a large chunk of money as we all know marketing is the backbone of any new corporation. This is another stage where money is spent in the creation process of a cryptocurrency.

The initial exchange offering on the other hand is quite different from the former. It just involves the several stages of verification required to ensure the prospect of the coin’s stability in its entrance into the market. However, under the initial exchange offering, the portion of the type of cryptocurrency exchange is put into consideration. There are a few types of these exchange platforms. The first type is the direct trade version where individuals using the coin can be able to trade directly to one and other with no pre-set price standard to follow. The second is where individuals come on the platform to make purchases of the currency at a specific price that had been set by an agent. Beyond this, the next stage would be the development of the country and its implementation and integration into society. These processes are important as the trading of cryptocurrency depends on them. Trading is carried out on specific platforms, such as

Based on the series of processes involved, it is safe to say that creating a cryptocurrency will cost you quite a buck. The estimated amount of this development process can cost around $20,000-$30,000 depending on the complexity of your development. However, there are extra running costs that will be further incurred. Bitcoin, for example; now costs around $15,000 to mine. Although this value is a function of the price of Bitcoin and the amount of people mining by using large amounts of energy for electricity and cooling. This might be the same case for new development, the defining factor here would depend on the level of success the new coin is able to attain.

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Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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