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Process to Create a Strong Marketing Funnel Step By Step

A marketing funnel is nothing but a roadmap provided by a company for guiding potential customers at their first interaction so that they become loyal customers. The roadmap may include SEO, paid ads, content marketing, and different other channels. Though the concept remains simple, the conversion funnels may be complex for various reasons.

  • Various marketing channels to choose from
  • Customers possessing varied pain points( survey tools will be different for a teacher and a doctor)

Thus creating a powerful marketing funnel may become very complex. In reality, businesses may possess multiple funnels. Let us discuss the different stages of the marketing funnel which is effective in creating a powerful sales marketing funnel.

Step 1: Recognize the Need/Problem

In the awareness stage, you need to identify the problem before the buying process. Unless you are having a problem, you will never buy a solution for it. For example, you may have gum disease but unless you feel something unusual in your mouth, you will never research gum disease. Some issues may require immediate actions when you will simply jump into the buying process, while others may require deep research before buying the product.

Step 2: Search for Information

After recognizing the problem, when you enter the second stage of the funnel, you need to search for more information. Depending on the size and scope of the purchase, different strategies are used for gathering the information. For example, when you feel hungry, you will do a quick search about the local restaurants. But when you are installing any new appliance in your home, you will do some deep research, get the customer reviews and ratings, talk with the salespeople, and may visit showrooms before taking the final decision of buying.

Step 3: Evaluation of Different Options

When customers become aware of different solutions, the next step is to evaluate them and select whichever suits them best. Selecting a restaurant will be rather easy according to your taste. For example, you may feel like eating Mexican food and not Chinese. But when you are investing in automation programs, you may look out for referrals, search for different training videos, and learn about the ratings and reviews from previous customers.

Step 4: Buying Decision

It will be the concluding stage where the customers have gone through various stages and have investigated different options. In this stage, the buyers are ready for pulling out their wallets to pay or invest in their decision.

Step 5: Post-Purchase Behavior

The journey does not end here just after purchase. What happens after the purchase is much more important. If the product or service is successful in satisfying the customer, there will be chances of repeated purchases and the customers will become loyal to the brand.


There are different steps to creating a powerful sales marketing funnel. Starting from the identification of the needs of buying to the post-purchase behavior, all the stages are required for creating the marketing funnel. Paid ads, SEO, and other digital marketing play a great role in every stage of the funnel.

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