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Steps to Create a Fashion App Like YesStyle

Are you interested in learning about fashion apps?

Do you want to build a fashion app like YesStyle?

Have you been looking to develop something similar to popular fashion apps?

Do you want to know the total investment cost for developing an app like YesStyle?

Want to know how much shopping app development costs?

This article is for you if all these questions seem to bother you. In this article, we will learn about the total costs of developing a fashion or beauty app like YesStyle. So without further ado, let us get into it.

We all know that the fashion and beauty sector is an ever-growing one. Everything changes, fashion trends, beauty trends, patterns, and seasons' colors, but the selling of the products does not, which makes this industry the top thing to invest in no matter when and where you are starting off. Newcomers, experienced app developers, and app development companies are looking into ways to make these apps more viable.

This is being done in order to increase the screen time of the users and make them hooked to the apps. The more the customers spend their time on these apps, the more the company gets changes to sell its products. Along with this, the recent pandemic has helped to promote the growth of such apps and shopping websites. Beauty app development has become a business that is ever-booming. It is predicted by industry experts that the growth of such apps will take off by 20% in the year to come.

This is due to a number of reasons which are listed as follows:

  • Customers get access to a range of products
  • All the services are available to them from the comfort of their homes
  • They get exclusive deals and offers which might not be available in the local stores.

Understanding what YesStyle does

Now that you have a clear goal in mind that you want to develop something like YesStyle, it is essential to know what it actually does. It is an eCommerce website that caters to the needs of a variety of beauty and fashion-related products. It is one of the top Asian brands that have over a billion downloads since its launch and hence it is being heavily researched and analyzed by top mobile app development companies.

It is a virtual store that makes it retail items 24x7, unlike the local store which has a time-bound. Apart from this. The reason why so many people choose to shop from this website is that it offers exclusive deals at a very low price which is impossible to find in local stores. But as a budding app developer to a good businessman or a sales analyst, it is easy to ask why one should prefer an app over a website. Let us take this part of the problem in the next segment of this article. Keep on reading as we give you ample reasons to choose an app over a website for your next fashion and beauty project.

Choosing an app over an eCommerce website

Let us now get into the detailed reasons why you should be choosing an app over a website. But before we begin remember that a shopping experience is all about exclusivity. Okay, this might be a bouncer to you, but as we proceed it will be more clear to you. The reasons to choose an app are given in the list below. It is as follows:

  1. Quick Processing rates for a better experience

As an app developer or a software engineer, the primary aim of your project is to develop a system that can process information faster. This has many advantages. This includes a better user experience. This is one of the top requirements for an app or a business to perform well in the market. If you develop a website that has a poor processing speed, chances are that you might lose out on your potential client. The more you make your client stay, the more you can sell.

  1. Advantages of push notifications

We all know how powerful notifications are in attracting clients but in the case of a weaker website directed by notification, the chances of actually making any sale tend to vanish. Apart from that apps can also help you to contact your customer with ease as you can get access to their personal information like their SMS or emails by which it is easy to create a funnel.

  1. Creating a dependable user base

Thousands of people visit different websites every day, and this results in generating a lot of traffic, but how much of this is actually useful? We all know this. The cost of beauty app development can vary but in return, you get a high-quality and engagement rate audience.

Segments to include in your app

Phew! Glad that we were able to convince you! Now let us look into the various segments or functionalities as mobile app development companies call them, that can be included in your app. The list is as follows:

  1. Administration segment

    • An admin dashboard that has all the information
    • Sales Transaction
    • Membership details
    • Payment tracking proof
    • Review rechecking
    • Search history management
  1. Customer segment

    • Account details
    • Record of order
    • Payment receipts
    • Tracking orders
    • Exclusive deals
    • Member exclusive offers
  1. Seller Segment

    • Product details
    • Customers details
    • Live parcel tracking
    • Sales History
    • Sales Analysis
    • Payment mode details

How to go about the development process?

Navigation beauty app development can be a complex process. So here is a list that you can use to navigate your course or action plan. It is as follows:

  1. Create a blueprint for the app
  2. Appoint the right app development company
  3. Choose the right functionalities
  4. Research the market
  5. Try a beta version
  6. Finally. Launch the app!


Even the top app developers face a lot of confusion when they go about the whole beauty app development process. But there are two things that one should keep in mind, first having an attractive user interface and second, making sure that you have a quick response time in order to get good reviews. Hire app developers to reduce your project estimation and timeline.

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