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Costs of Ecommerce Development

What is ecommerce?

For many, ecommerce is no more than e-selling and e-buying. However those, who look farther may see that ecommerce involves trading chains of huge, global business projects. Basically, this term unites all the software which makes modern commercial services easily available from any device and for any kind of partners or customers. It also includes additional tools vital for modern businesses such as PWA apps for commercial web-sites or web-scrapers for faster information parsing and deeper data analysis. Etsy is a popular eCommerce platform where you can sell your products if you do not want to open your own site. You need to pay certail fee to the platform in return. You can calculate the fee and the potential profit using Etsy profit calculator.

Why is it so important?

High accessibility of the ecommerce web-resources is what makes it so important for the modern economy. Both private and public sectors of advanced and developing countries has switched to ecommerce nowadays. Also it broadens salesmen’s horizons. Humble local businesses expand from their neighbourhoods to the national and international scale within just several weeks!

What are the factors that define the cost?

First of all - amounts of products you deal with. Apart from the number of employees it will define many things: scale of your web-site, which features your web-platform is going to need, amount of data to operate with. What else does it affect? The cost of design, which may go from 3-4 to 30-40 thousand dollars. Hosting or maintaining cost will also rise from hundreds to thousands dollars annually. Overall cost may differ as much as 2, 3 or even 5 times.

Secondly, your development team. The best choice here is outsourcing and your project’s cost will very much depend on where your partner is located as much as on the project’s complexity. What is the best choice here? China, India, Ukraine, Poland, Brasil, Taiwan, Argentina are some places to consider. Here, the complexity of your project is also a vital factor. 

A good thing to consider is MVP or a minimum viable product. It is a minimalistic version of a project, which only has a handful of essentials, providing minimum services. MVPs are usually used due to the lack of budget. This may be useful if you only owe comparatively small business. You can also suggest it if the final web-service’s appearance is yet unclear. MVP will let you maneuver in the first instance. This might provide you with a better understanding of what your platform should look like.

In case you do smart management and outsourcing your web-based commercial platform may cost 5,000$ through 200,000$ with additional monthly expenses for maintenance and if needed upgrading. This will be an additional sum of money starting from hundreds of dollars per month and reaching 4,000$-5000$ on average. You should also consider an additional piece of budget for promoting - 1,000$ per month and more. In SapientPro we deal a lot with ecommerce and are able to embody all kinds of ecommerce projects - simple or complex ones. Rest assured: we will do that rapidly and for a reasonable price. Don’t hesitate! Contact us to discuss your project, we will be glad to offer our service. You will be more than satisfied with our partnership! 

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