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How to Get Followers on Instagram - 5 Cool Ways

Followers on Instagram

You can get followers on Instagram using different methods. These can be real subscribers or fake ones. The latter are wound up with the help of special sites.

You will not be able to get real people through such services. We are talking about offers or bots that will not show any activity. But on the other hand, you will have a beautiful number that can help in attracting already live subscribers.

To attract a real audience, you will need to upgrade your profile, post cool photos, comment on other people's publications, leave hashtags, etc. In general, work for quality. Then real people will show interest in your account and subscribe to it. In today's article I will talk about this in a little more detail.

Ways to get followers on instagram

You need to understand that not every method will be effective. You can immediately apply to a paid service and get the desired number for a certain amount. But these will be offers (bots), from which there is no sense. They will simply hang on your account in number, after which they will all be banned or deleted. That means you are wasting your money.

But! You can first wind up offers, and then start promoting your account. People will see that there are already subscribers on the profile and will also subscribe. We have such a psychological feature: we are reluctant to subscribe to new accounts, but when there is already an audience there, we are happy.

Method 1. Cheat offers through services

This is what I was talking about. This method is only suitable for obtaining primary numbers so that real users subscribe more actively. The bottom line is that you go to some site and just buy subscribers there. The prices are usually not that high. You can wind up to 1000 subscribers for 100 rubles. But the cost depends on the specific service.

You can also get instagram followers and subscribers from my tools town for free. Then you will have to independently act as the same “offer”, subscribing and liking other accounts. You earn points and immediately spend them on your account. This is roughly how it works.

By the way, for cheating offers or bots , your account can be banned. Keep this in mind and don't overdo it. You can not cheat all at once, but divide the total number and do everything gradually. This approach can reduce the likelihood of a ban or even reduce it to zero.


  • Fast;
  • Cheap (or even free);


  • Can get banned;
  • Offers or bots are of no real value;
  • Too pale (if the account consists only of fake followers);

Method 2. Manual mass liking and mass following

Everything is extremely simple here. You go to other people's accounts and are active there: like publications, comment on them, subscribe. The owners of these accounts have some probability of following you back. If all this is done on a massive scale, then you can get subscribers. Moreover, real, not bots or offers.

This method is suitable only for those who have free time. Agree, you don’t really want to sit and poke at the phone for hours. Especially when you have other things to do: work, home, family, etc.

However, mass liking and mass following can help you get started. When an account is just created, you can follow multiple profiles and like them. So you can get the first 10-20 subscribers.


  • Is free;
  • Real people will subscribe;
  • Most likely they will be really interested in your content;


  • It takes a lot of time;
  • Even more will go to unsubscribes;
  • Not as efficient and fast;

Method 3. Automatic mass liking and mass following

Mass liking and mass following can be automated using my tools town. That is, you do not have to put down all the likes yourself, subscribe to new accounts, comment on publications, etc. It will be enough just to set up an advertising campaign and your account will do all this "by itself". without your participation. You can still use it though.

In these services, you can target the right audience. This can be done through hashtags, location tags, or other profiles. With the help of special settings, you can attract only the target audience (for example, fans of a certain sport, etc.). She will be lively and interested in your content.

Many services have an automatic unsubscribe feature. That is, you do not have to manually unsubscribe from all the accounts to which your profile was subscribed during the promotion. It's convenient enough.


  • Automation of routine processes;
  • No need to waste your time;
  • Free of Cost
  • You can work with large volumes and get more subscribers;
  • The audience will be real and targeted;


  • The campaign will have to be carefully configured;

Method 4. Advertising in other profiles

Many popular accounts are starting to sell ads in posts or stories. This can be used to promote your own profile. You just need to find a suitable account where the audience will be the most interested and loyal.

If we are talking about the promotion of a personal profile, then this will be difficult. Content is important for subscribers, it is not very interesting to follow the life of a noname. That is, in the case of promotion of a personal account without any quality content, such advertising is ineffective.

But if we are talking about the promotion of a niche account, where there is a theme and some kind of content (publics, blogger accounts, etc.), then advertising on other Instagram profiles can be a good way to get an audience.

Advertising can be found on special exchanges. Account owners register there to find advertisers faster. You will be that advertiser.


  • Attracting a real audience;
  • Relative simplicity of the process;
  • Works well for thematic accounts;


  • Not useful for personal accounts if you are a noname;
  • Quite expensive;
  • It is difficult to find an account with a suitable target audience;

Method 5. Collaboration

You can collaborate with other bloggers and account holders for free. You promote them, they promote you. That is, there is such a kind of exchange of the audience. This method is very effective for thematic profiles.

With the help of collaborations, you can attract an active target audience. In the case of personal accounts, this can also work.

You can search for collab accounts on the same exchanges - the list is above. However, do not forget that for cooperation, your account must already have some kind of audience. There is no point in collaborating with an empty profile, the audience will not come from it.


  • Is free;
  • The target audience is attracted;
  • Works great for bloggers and thematic accounts;


  • You need an already promoted profile;
  • Does not work well for personal accounts without content;


Just by cheating bots or offers, an Instagram account cannot be shaken up. It is necessary to carry out careful work and then the result will not keep you waiting. Offers can be rotated only to give the profile its initial look. So that real users are not afraid to subscribe. Next, you will need to work with mass liking and mass following services or do it all manually.

That's all, I hope this article was useful for you. I recommend that you subscribe to notifications from the site through the bell on the left. So you can not miss new interesting materials.

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