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Cookieless Data Tracking: Why it Matters

When we think of and hear about big tech, we often associate such technologies with mistrust. Privacy advocates, while at it for years, are finally making some ground, keeping data collectors accountable when it comes to the privacy of individual users. GDPR was truly groundbreaking, but it is surely to only be a link in the chain towards the future of user privacy in their online lives.

Thankfully, new methods are coming about when it comes to data collection. If you can no longer count on being able to use cookies when it comes to specific user data tracking, how will you adapt your analytics strategy. Cookieless tracking is here and it is being regarded as the future of data collection when it comes to analytics strategy in a privacy centric world. Learn more about this new trend in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Infotrust:

Cookieless Data Tracking: Why it Matters

Source: InfoTrust

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