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Convert a PDF to a Fillable Form

convert pdfn

PDFs can be very useful file types with a great amount of utility for people in any sector, and they are used in offices around the world every day. Although PDFs are very useful, people can find it difficult to turn static PDFs into fillable forms. That’s where this blogpost comes in. Knowing how to manipulate documents, especially PDFs, can make work easier and eliminate potential issues. There are many reasons to convert PDFs, which is due to the many benefits of fillable forms.

In business, the use and utility of PDF forms is well known, but without the right tools it can present some problems. We need special converters to make a PDF file, (which is essentially an image) into a type of document to edit and fill in. The reason we need to convert them into a fillable form is that as a non-editable PDF file, its only real use is to be printed and used as a document in an office setting; however, if the document were to be converted into an editable file type then it could be used digitally, which is increasingly necessary in the globalized digital world we find ourselves in.

Why Not Use Adobe Acrobat?

One of the most popular PDF editors and converters is Adobe Acrobat, which is the most well-known PDF service in the world. The question though, is if Adobe Acrobat is the best PDF editing service? Bigger and better often means more quality, and that is indeed the case with Adobe Acrobat, but that does not mean there aren’t some ways the product can be improved. For one, it is quite expensive, making it cost-prohibitive. Secondly, Adobe Acrobat has a learning curve and requires time to learn. In general, for converting purposes, there are programs of equal quality with a much lower cost (many being free).

As stated above, there are many other alternatives to Adobe available on the market at a low cost.  One of the alternative sources of PDF editing and conversion is LuminPDF which offers many of the same things as Adobe Acrobat but at a significantly lower cost. In addition to that, it works with Google Drive so you can directly import your files to be converted on the go. This can be very handy in the days of Covid since it lessens the chance for a potential issue with someone's work material. Another good PDF converter is Small PDF, It is very basic compared to some other PDF editors but that is good in its own way due to its simplicity. Small PDF offers free online PDF document conversions so it is a great tool for those who do not wish to invest a great amount.

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The Benefits of Fillable Forms vs PDFs

convert pdfn

The difference between a PDF and a fillable form is that although a PDF has spaces for information unless it is converted into a fillable document then it does not have much use as far as most businesses these days go. So with that in mind businesses need to configure a PDF into a fillable file. There are massive advantages to being able to do this. For example, a business will be able to convert their excel files to a fillable PDF format as well as any word document. Being able to convert a PDF into an editable document makes life easier for businesses who might want to use this as a means to improve their management process or even do things like make invoices for their clients.

Another group that benefits from PDF conversion into fillable documents are educational institutions that work with a lot of different documents and document types. Being able to convert word files into a PDF or converting a PDF file into a word document (this can be tricky) is useful for schools who are trying to not only create some sense of normalcy at the moment but also are trying to make tests, lessons, homework and hopefully diplomas for their students. Schools and other educational institutions are great sources of learning but that learning is inhibited if the right documents are inaccessible. 

How to convert a PDF to a fillable form

It is established that a PDF is limited in its utility without being fillable. The next question is how to convert a PDF? Being able to convert these files is a simple task for many but sometimes can be complicated depending on which service you are using. Some can be used online and with the online converters, you simply need to upload the document and select what you want it converted to. If you are using a larger program such as a paid PDF editor, there is usually an option under tools to select a document and choose which file to convert it to, The PDF editors are always different but they usually have some similar elements such as tools that are clearly labeled in regards to conversions.

When converting any type of file, there are potential issues that can occur. One potential issue for converting files is resizing and format changes. When converting a word file to a PDF file or vice versa, there can be potential format issues which could mean changes to the original document that are undesired. If you want to keep the format the same, be sure to get a good converter online. An online document convertor can sometimes not keep things the same so just keep this in mind.

PDF files are one of the most common document types but there are occasions when they need to be changed or even changed from one document type into a PDF. For business schools, and any other organization, the ability to convert files quickly and efficiently allows them to manage their responsibilities while offering good results to their clients or students.

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