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Why Content Marketing Will Rule the
Search Engine Optimization in 2020

content marketing

What kind of content becomes popular online these days? It’s an easy guess – only high-quality, well-researched, and engaging content posted online becomes popular in no time.

And it remains a useful tool to reach out to various probable customers in the world of ad blocks and spam filters.

Things have changed of late. Before stepping out to try a new restaurant, or buy something from a new store, don’t you first read the online reviews? Yes, most consumers these days have become very dependent on search engines like Google.

To get the viability of these search engines or rank on the top, a webmaster needs to optimize the content by plugging in relevant keywords. That’s the reason for content marketing and SEO being the top and most-used marketing tools today that have not only replaced conventional marketing tactics but have taken the marketing game to the next level.

People often get mix-up the meaning of both these terms - SEO and content marketing, and thus, these terms are often used interchangeably. So, let’s begin by understanding their meaning.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a procedure that enables search engines to find and rank various websites in the search results.

If done correctly, it can get a top-ranking for your website, which will be higher than many of its competitors.

It involves researching what people are frequently searching for, which are the most popular searches, and which search engines are people using the most.

The critical objective of SEO services is to improve the visibility of a specific website.

What is Content Marketing?

As Bill Gates also said, “Content is king,” marketing something on the internet cannot happen unless you have quality content for it.

Thus, to define it, content marketing is the process of marketing some brand of products or services by creating and publishing original, meaningful, trustworthy, and valuable content.

It’s a steady tactic to retain a particular audience so that an augmented customer base can be shaped.

This, in turn, helps the business website to churn an increase in profits in the long run. Now, the most important thing to consider is – are these two concepts co-related? Is it possible to use them as a single tool at all, or are they two completely diverse Internet marketing tools that should ideally be used separately? So, let’s first see how SEO and content marketing are different.

Differences between SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are different in many areas, but still, they can’t be separated. So, here are the elemental contrasts:

  • SEO is more technical and often narrower.
  • Content marketing’s scope is usually broader and more all-inclusive.

But these two terms converge in the following way:

  • If you want to apply SEO more broadly, you should channel its specific technical activities into content marketing.
  • On the other hand, if you want your content marketing to succeed, then you must apply SEO techniques in its implementation.

How Are SEO and Content Marketing Co-Related?

As pointed earlier, SEO and content marketing are closely related and not separate. If you do pertinent content creation, that would be one of the most effective SEO strategies that most SEO agencies in India use to provide the content marketing services.

  • SEO usually expresses requirements, and content marketing finally fulfils those for high search engine rankings. For example, SEO would require content in the form of copy, articles, words, and relevant keywords. As content marketing implies creating useful and pertinent content, it can be described as the practical application of SEO.
  • Keywords are an essential constituent of SEO, but the fact is that just keywords can’t be useful alone. Imagine filling a page with just important keywords; is it any good? No. You will have to use keywords along with good-quality and relevant content. Only then can search engines produce significant results to users who are finding answers for a specific query.
  • In SEO, you also need to build quality links back to the website. And content marketing is the best method of attracting inbound links from the website’s visitors.
  • SEO always demands good content, and content marketing is content. It would be best if you remembered that SEO could not exist without content. You will need articles, meaningful words, relevant keywords, and verbiage. So, content is the king; and what does content marketing entail? It’s about content. Therefore, the very substance of content marketing is the practical application of SEO and good content.
  • SEO also asks for consistent output, and content marketing also requires consistency. Google adores original content. So, if you can master SEO, then you should know that original content gets quickly indexed and ranks higher in the SERPs than older low-ranking content. Therefore, when you publish original and relevant content on a website with historical authority, it is definite that it will have a SERP boost.
  • Thus, good SEO means a steady output of relevant and fresh content. The continuous output here implies that you’re doing content marketing in the right way. Hence, content marketing and SEO always converge.

Key Takeaway

Your SEO campaign won’t succeed unless you add a good content marketing strategy into it. Likewise, your content marketing strategy would not be effective and get you the expected results if you don’t combine a good SEO plan.

Therefore, creating a proficient SEO plan along with a good content marketing strategy would enable you to reach your digital marketing goals. SEO and content marketing are co-related and should be used together to derive online growth.

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