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Should You Consider Leasing Your Network Bandwidth?


With so many online businesses moving to the cloud, a secure, reliable, and fast internet connection has become vital to keeping your operations up and running. Modern businesses rely on fast connectivity to manage daily operations and use cloud-based solutions.

Reliable, fast, and secure internet connection is a determining factor in your business productivity and efficiency. For many companies, downtime is not an option. It may only reduce their productivity and affect the bottom line.

Thankfully, digital businesses have premium internet connection solutions at their disposal. Solutions such as hiring a professional proxy service and leased line service can help a company remain functional, efficient, and productive.

A leased network bandwidth service offers improved uptime, top-grade bandwidth, low latency, exceptional speed, and secure data connection. Since this option provides more than one advantage for business, let’s discuss why you should consider it.

Enhanced service level agreement (SLA)

One of the first reasons you should consider this option is getting an enhanced service level agreement (SLA). If you experience any downtime periods or network faults, you’ll receive a rental refund or quicker service, depending on the problem.

A leased network bandwidth service guarantees quick problem-solving. You’ll experience less trouble with your network. However, if issues arise, your provider will quickly fix them.

You get symmetrical bandwidth

Leasing network bandwidth provides you with mirrored upload and download speeds. This feature is vital for businesses that need faster speeds to upload data. Let’s say that you’re running a cloud-based IT business.

Naturally, one of your primary services is to upload data to cloud-based apps. Traditional solutions prioritized download speeds but such services limited users’ ability to upload data. Modern-day leased line services offer much more flexibility and faster network connections.

That’s why they are a preferred solution for organizations that regularly use video conferencing, VoIP, email, etc.

Unconnected bandwidth provides a faster speed

Leased network bandwidth guarantees faster connections because you get a dedicated network that you don’t share with other users. Most businesses experience bandwidth throttling during peak time usage. You won’t have this network problem with a leased line service.

No matter how much traffic your website receives, your internet speeds will remain the same. Companies depending on fast data get unconnected bandwidth with broadband speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

No data restrictions

The biggest problem with traditional broadband services was a cap on data limits. Data caps were part of usage policies, and there was no way around them. That’s not the case with the modern-day approach.

Nowadays, you have leased bandwidth services that allow data transfers with no restrictions. With unrestricted data caps, users can work with intensive software programs that require large amounts of data, upload large documents, and exchange data without limitations.

More importantly, leased line service providers give you control over your bandwidth, allowing you to set the terms according to your needs.

Perfect for remote working

In the post-COVID world, remote working has become more than an option; it’s now a necessity. It’s a mandatory solution to keep a business relevant and competitive for the foreseeable future. Leased network bandwidth is a perfect solution for companies with multiple offices across several locations.

Better bandwidth capabilities allow for faster data transfers. They are essential to supporting modern-day types of communications. You can connect all your business and personal devices to a dedicated network and ensure faster, more reliable, and secure internet connectivity across the globe.

Since remote offices require regular data exchange, a proxy service, such as Oxylabs, with leased network bandwidth will help to feel more secure outside of an office environment.

Is leased network bandwidth the right solution for you?

Although leased network bandwidth might be more expensive and complicated to set up, it offers more options than other corporate broadband solutions.

Businesses depending on fast internet connectivity should consider leasing their network bandwidth for the following reasons:

  • It can boost their productivity;
  • It can enhance communications;
  • It can speed up website loading times;
  • It can ensure better ROI;
  • It allows data transfers without restrictions.

Consider leased network bandwidth if you need improved uptime, top-grade bandwidth, and a fast internet connection at all times. You should also consider it if you need mirrored upload and download speeds.


Leased bandwidth is an ideal solution for companies with a direct link between productivity and internet connectivity. In an internet-driven world, that’s almost every digital business.

Since your business success depends on the internet connection, leased network bandwidth will enable you to work efficiently. More importantly, it’ll ensure your visitors receive a seamless user experience with every visit.

This service makes sure that your network works in conjunction with your connectivity. Working with a trusted leased network bandwidth service provider guarantees fast fixing of connectivity issues and maximum uptime.

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