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Most Common Features of Sales Enablement Tools

Sales Enablement Tool

The digital age has completely transformed the mechanism of how deals are closed. Sales teams are not expected to make phone calls or go door-to-door to buyers to make a successful sale. There are a plethora of approaches available to form a smart sales strategy, in the modern age. Using a sales enablement tool is one of the top applicable approaches to grow your business and make informed investment decisions. 

A sales enablement tool equips your sales crew with a repository of sales content and marketing collateral that gives them the authority of accessing required data at each step along the selling lifecycle. Moreover, it allows all of your employees to work together at a single resource point, in order to secure deals on a large scale. 

Salespeople need to have access to the accurate content at the right time in order to keep the customers engaged. A sales enablement tool provides a common platform to unite stakeholders and in-field sales reps, so they could lure the customers into buying your product.

Here are some of the most common features of sales enablement tools:

Ease of Use

The integral part for the usability of any software is whether it is easy to use or not. A sales enablement tool might look complex at first, but they are very easy to use once you understand the window. Everything within the tool has a designated window and can be accessed by a single click. 

Sales enablement systems in the past were very complicated and it took a lot of time to understand the dynamics of that system, but now with sales enablement tools, you can easily train your employees in the course of a few days to grasp the grip on it’s usage

Content Management 

The most practical benefit of a sales enablement tool is that it provides you the ability of curating content for your sales crew. All the studies, white papers and insights of a product can be delivered to your sales reps according to your personalisation. A sales enablement tool navigates the salespeople through the raw content to it’s final form, customised according to you.

It makes sure that the sales team is only getting the information for any product, authorised by you. It organises all the files so that they can be accessed at any desired time, which saves the hassle of finding content in a mess of drives and folders. In this way, they buyer is instantly presented his required query which puts up a positive impact and increases the chances of a successful deal. 

Align Sellers to Resources Throughout the Customer journey

While your sales teams are progressing through the sales process, the customers are going through their own journey of buying a suitable product. The journey on the buyer’s end is not as simple as it looks like. So how can you equip your sellers with adequate resources to go where the customer leads and adjust to shifts in the market?

A sales enablement tool presents relevant content within the context of where sellers are in the sales process and makes the additional resources accessible, as the selling scenarios change with respective customers. As a result, sellers are agile and provide customers with the satisfying experience, during every phase of the deal.


The general rule of thumb whether you’re sitting at your office desk, or waiting to catch a flight at the airport, you always need to be ready to make a sale. A sales enablement tool allows the sales team to access the critical information without the regard of their physical location. 

A sales enablement tool can be operated through laptop, mobile device, iPad or existing CRM system, at any time. A mobile friendly sales enablement tool helps your employees to close a deal regardless of the location or time. 

Data Protection 

The digital format of sales and marketing has changed the way we operate our businesses. It has also changed the expectations of customers, with respect to how their provided information is handled. 

A sales enablement tool offers data protection. This prevents the access of sensitive information of customers and company, in case of data breaching or hacking. A good tool always integrates a backup solution for the complete data entered in it.

Speaking of a good tool, there can’t be a better choice than Content Camel. It can provide you with all of these features discussed above. It is a widely used sales enablement tool, which can turn out to be very beneficial for your business.

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