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Why Comments Are an Essential Part of
Your Social Media Success

By Maddie Janden

Among users of social media there seems to be an urgency to get more and more interaction from other users in a bid to boost the popularity of their profile. We all know about the demand for likes and followers but the latest feature that is being sought after is comments. Comments are just one of the various interactive features that can be found on social media sites. Depending on the site you are using, their importance may be greater or lesser. However, they are something to be aware of, especially for those users of a particular brand of social media as the drive to get comments on Instagram begins to pick up. What do comments offer users that other features don't and why are people going so far as to pay for them in order to satisfy the need for them?

The importance of interaction

To understand why comments are important, you first to need to understand why any and all of these features are important. Social media can be a great place to spread the message you want the world to hear. In order to reach the widest range possible, you need be as popular as you can be as this will lead to more visibility for your profile and its content. The way that this is achieved is by engaging regularly with other users. This can be done through entertaining posts, running competitions or encouraging responses to your content. While there is a large audience available to all the users of social media, it is easier to find the more popular ones. They will appear higher up the list of search results, for example. Because of this, you need interaction, whether it is in the form of likes, views, comments of followers. Each of these make an important contribution in one way or another to an account's visibility and popularity.

This has led to the rise of websites which sell these features to Instagram users. This should be considered as an investment in the future of your profile as, in the long-term, it will help you expand. The purchase of social media features is a hot topic at the moment and it is one not to be ignored as more and more people are looking for ways to have their voices heard online. This competition between users has made features a very important commodity and the financial aspect that has emerged means it is even more relevant. If you are considering buying comments for your social media profile, we will give you some information on why they are important and how you should get them to work for you. It is also important, whatever you do, to make sure that you are paying for a quality product. When buying social media features, make sure you do so from sources that guarantee they are coming from real users.

Why are comments important to get a hold of?

Comments are important for any Instagram user and their profile as they are a form of interaction but, more importantly, they give users a real opportunity to interact with other users. The beauty of social media, in general, is that it allows people from all over the world to get in touch with each other and distances are eaten away in the space of a few minutes. From the point of view of businesses, it is a chance for them to get in touch with their customers in a less formal setting. This means that the interaction that it had is more jovial and light-hearted and it leads to the opportunity to establish a rapport with users. This is an important skill to practice as word of mouth is an important factor on social networks and profiles which are deemed to be friendly and approachable will prove to be more popular as people are pointed in their direction. By building lasting relationships with your customers, you know you will have loyal clients. Comments give you an opportunity to start forming these relationships.


What else can comments be used for?

Comments are also a useful way to get more information about a post or a profile. By asking questions about information that is not given in the original post, it means that users can get a better idea of what it consists of. If you are the user posting the original content then it gives you a chance to go into more detail about your product or service. Additionally, comments may be used to raise issues users are having with the content of the post and this can be the perfect time to address it, as well as doing so in public for all to see.

Unfortunately, every now and then you will receive the odd comment which is far from complementary. How the comment comes about is anyone's guess. It could come from a legitimate gripe or it could come from someone who is resentful towards your profile. It is important to handle these comments with humour and try to address the issue highlighted while not descending to their level. Responding in kind will not do you any favours but if you respond in a light-hearted way, it could very well draw more attention to your account. This is another way to boost the reputation of your profile while making the most out of comments that you have received.

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