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COBIT Certified Professional Jobs and Salary


Today, Information Technology is much more than just another tool for businesses. It is currently the strategic foundation for most organizations in almost all sectors and industries. Hence, ISACA has come up with a COBIT 5 (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) framework that consists of the COBIT 5 Certifications and other proficiency requirements to validate professionals with the necessary skills to safeguard, audit, and manage an organization's sensitive and confidential assets. Also, such professionals must be able to incorporate design factors that would result in a more adaptable framework. So, needless to say, COBIT-certified professionals are in high demand across the world, and they are paid handsomely for their skillset. Read on to find out the job roles that professionals with COBIT certification adorn and exactly how much they get paid.

What is COBIT 5?

COBIT 5 is a globally accepted framework supported and owned by ISACA. It enables professionals to have an end-to-end business view of the methods to govern enterprise IT. Hence, the COBIT 5 framework is highly relevant to modern enterprises. Additionally, it makes the decision-making process more structured and the governance system more agile. In a nutshell, COBIT 5 Certification enables organizations to balance risk optimization, resource usage, and realizing benefits. This helps them in improving business outcomes. Moreover, it is a good way to ensure that your IT system supports you in the best possible way.

Job Titles held by COBIT Certified Professionals

COBIT 5 Certification helps the enterprise to meet regulatory, statutory, and governmental requirements. These credentials offer numerous COBIT 5 job opportunities for professionals. Some of these job opportunities are mentioned below:

1. IT Security professionals

They secure the organization's critical IT infrastructure, including all IT systems and networks, ensuring that they are safe from external or internal malicious attackers.

2. IT Auditors

These professionals are responsible for assessing the safety of an organization’s key IT infrastructure. Moreover, they analyze if all the systems and processes are functioning efficiently to deliver maximum value to the organization.

3. IT Developers

Developers are key resources who analyze all client and customer needs to design and develop software applications that meet these demands.

4. IT Managers

Managers take care of all IT-related activities to fulfill the management objectives of an organization and, at the same time, manage IT and related staff. They work closely with the business department to ensure IT compliance and implementation of regulatory norms in the organization.

5. IT Governance professionals

Governance professionals are responsible for meeting IT objectives and business goals. These two must go hand in hand to ensure that they deliver the desired output from the business perspective of the organization.

6. Business Managers

Business managers monitor and lead operations and supervise employees in the organization. They must maintain productivity and efficiency by implementing business strategies and evaluating the company's performance.

7. Process Managers

Process managers align processes within an organization by effectively managing the organizational goals and educating and organizing staff wherever necessary.

8. IT Quality Assurance Professionals

QA professionals test and monitor the services or products to ensure that they are working effectively and efficiently prior to release or production events. In addition, IT QA Professionals make sure that the products or services meet industry standards.

9. Business Process Owners

Business process owners with COBIT 5 Certification Training can access a framework that will let them take control of all the activities underlying an IT deployment process. Through this, they will gain confidence in their abilities to meet the business objectives working alongside the IT team.

Who should go for COBIT 5 Certification Job Opportunities?

COBIT 5 certification is primarily targeted at assurance, risk, security, compliance, and privacy professionals. The general target clientele is listed below:

  • IT Service Managers
  • IT Quality Professionals
  • Process Practitioners
  • IT Auditors
  • Business Managers
  • IT Governance Managers
  • Internal & External Auditors
  • Consultants
  • IT Process Owner

COBIT 5 Certification Salary

COBIT 5 certification equips professionals with the knowledge to use the COBIT framework, along with business challenges and scenarios that come with it. Consequently, you acquire the practical understanding necessary to implement and integrate COBIT 5. This, in turn, reduces business risk and boosts company performance. So, a COBIT 5 certification pays well because certified professionals make the organization profitable.

As per the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report 2021, ISACA certification programs are among the top-paying certifications. The salary for IT governance certification ranks second highest in the report. Moreover, the average salary of COBIT-certified professionals is ranked 11th overall ($77,300) in North America, with that for Governance credentials going over $100,000. The Cybersecurity domain, in general, is the fifth highest paying job worldwide.

The variety of job roles that COBIT 5 Certified individuals can get along with the average annual pay for each of those jobs are listed below...

  1. Information Systems Audit Manager - Average salary of $121,775
  2. Security Architects - Average salary of $120,181
  3. Information Technology (IT) Consultant - Average salary of $75,000
  4. Risk Management Analyst - Average salary of $105,000
  5. Risk Analyst - Average salary of $82,400
  6. Senior IT Auditor - Average salary of $93,296
  7. IT Auditor - Average salary of $83,971


As we have seen, COBIT 5 certification is in huge demand the world over because of the various pivotal functions certified professionals can perform for the organization. So, join a great COBIT 5 Certification training of your choice to gain advanced expertise in the Cybersecurity domain and embark on your professional journey towards excellence in IT Security And Governance.

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