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Bridging Visibility Gaps for Cloud Monitoring Technologies

In today's business landscape, cloud computing has become an essential tool for most enterprises, with 94% of businesses utilizing it in some capacity. Despite this growth, the majority of organizations face widening visibility gaps in their cloud infrastructure and a lack of visibility across cloud operations. This limited visibility is due to the fact that modern cloud tools do not deliver an end-to-end picture and most cloud monitoring tools focus on one specific service.

As a result, limited visibility leads to reduced functionality, increased security risks, and overspending, with most companies reporting significant delays in troubleshooting application and network performance, application slowdowns, and outages.

Advanced cloud monitoring solutions like LiveAction provide end-to-end visibility across an entire connected network and can reduce security risks, lower MTTR, increase business value, and stop overspending. By treating cloud operations as an extension of the network, LiveAction empowers NetOps to monitor and troubleshoot cloud performance issues effectively.

Bridging Visibility Gaps for Cloud Monitoring Technologies

Source: Live Action

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