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Have you ever thought about verifying your networking skills? If your answer is yes, then you surely need to consider acquiring one of the highly popular CCNA credentials. CCNA is an associate-level Information Technology credential offered by Cisco, for example the CCNA Course in Jeddah. CCNA certifications are designed to validate the professionals' skills in installation, operation, and troubleshooting of small and medium-sized enterprise networks.

The topics covered at this level range from wireless technologies, cloud, and data center to cyber operations, network security, and routing and switching. CCNA certifications are vital for IT professionals pursuing a career in Cisco networking because they equip individuals with fundamental technical skills. So, let’s see what CCNA certifications can offer.

CCNA Certifications

Cisco aims at providing IT professionals with an in-depth understanding of networking components. Here are some of the top CCNA certifications that you can opt for:

  1. CCNA Security. This certification involves troubleshooting and monitoring of network devices to ensure that data and network confidentiality, integrity, and availability are met at all cost. It also deals with identifying possible network attacks and mitigating security threats.
  2. CCNA Wireless. This credential focuses on ensuring that wireless technology is optimally configured, supported, and monitored in order to achieve business goals. It also involves the actual implementation of wirelessLANs to ensure the stable functioning of Cisco Wireless networks.
  3. CCNA Cloud. This certification covers the skills necessary to perform entry-level support and provisioning of Cisco Cloud solutions. The networking professionals who get certified under this track have the utmost knowledge of UC, Storage, UF, and virtualization.
  4. CCNA Industrial. This credential is designed for plant administrators, traditional network engineers, and control system engineers working in the manufacturing as well as oil and gas industries. The credential provides networking specialists with the skills to implement and troubleshoot industry standard protocols while leveraging the necessary practices for the connected networks.
  5. CCNA Routing & Switching. This certification is created to provide IT professionals with a profound understanding of routing and switching technologies. It also involves learning the essential skills required to adopt new networking technologies.

The CCNA track also includes collaboration, cyber ops, data center, design, and service provider certification tracks.

Is the CCNA certification worth it?

CCNA certifications are among the most sought-after in the IT networking industry. Earning associate-level credential will boost your career because of the following reasons:

  • It validates your networking knowledge
    One of the most significant reasons to enroll in CCNA certification and training program is to enhance your networking knowledge. Most of the CCNA certifications cover a broad range of technologies as well as network protocols. Besides, CCNA certifications arm you with the necessary hands-on skills to tackle the real-world problems.
  • It opens up new avenues for career advancements
    CCNA certifications give you an edge when it comes to career roles. Your company will always prefer you to take the roles associated with big responsibility because you have the foundational knowledge laid by the Cisco certifications. CCNA credentials also give you an opportunity to perform various networking tasks at an advanced level.
  • It gives you a salary boost
    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary of CCNA certified professional is around $80,000. The BLS also predicted that there will be a 12% increase every year because of the growing demand for networking professionals. Therefore, CCNA certification guarantees you lucrative income.
  • It gives a basis for professional and expert certifications
    CCNA certification provides IT networking professionals with the skills that are equivalent to associate level. However, there are other advanced levels such as professional, expert, and architect. CCNA certifications act as a stepping stone to the advanced credentials that every networking professional aspires to achieve.
  • Employers prefer Cisco certified professionals
    Employers always get excited whenever they see any CCNA certification in your resume. They know that they just found an individual who is very proficient in networking. This is because Cisco certification process involves hands-on concepts that are vital for delivering profitable solutions in a business environment.

How Exam-Labs helps you prepare for CCNA certification exams

Once you have decided to get certified, you will have to do a certification exam (or exams). Definitely, you don't want to fail, do you? You need to get the most reliable materials for your preparation so that you can successfully pass your tests. Exam-Labs Dumps is your best web resource because of the following reasons:

  • It helps to know the exam pattern
    The resources offered at Exam-Labs are just as actual as the content of the main exams. Therefore, you are going to get conversant with the exam format even before your exam date approaches.
  • It provides sample questions
    The sample questions are important too. They help you to get a clear insight into the topics that examiners are likely to include in CCNA certification exams. As a result, you will focus adequately on the topics that are mostly tested.
  • It offers updated materials
    It is actually pointless to use a site that only provides you with outdated materials. At Exam-Labs, you will get the latest materials that are in line with the current CCNA certification curriculum. This is because all the preparation resources are uploaded by real exam takers. Besides, IT experts check and verify every question, guide, and video lecture.
  • It provides a detailed explanation
    Exam-Labs offers exam questions and detailed answers. In case you are not sure about the answers you provide during your practice tests, then you can refer to the answers checked by Exam-Labs experts.
  • It offers instructor-led video training courses
    The most important goal of getting certified is to acquire hands-on skills in your area of expertise. With Exam-Labs’s tutors, you will surely get to understand all the concepts because they are duly described and illustrated where necessary.
  • It gives you access to the VCE Player
    VCE Player is a software that helps you to create, edit, and take practice exams in a way that is similar to the actual exam environment. Besides, VCE Player helps you to learn how to manage your time during the real test.


The rapidly increasing sophistication in the current networking industry calls for very many certified networking IT professionals. This is reason enough for you to consider getting certified. Exam-Labs can help you get the best CCNA certification training taught by the certified tutors with many years of experience in the networking industry.

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