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Are Chromebooks Good for Video Editing?

If you have a Chromebook and you are thinking that editing videos aren’t possible in Chromebook, then you are completely wrong my friend. Today, in this post we are going to discuss “are Chromebooks good for video editing”? and I’m sure I won’t be wasting your time.

Before we start, let’s talk about Chromebook briefly to help you understand better.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook is a new type of computer which is meant to run entirely on the internet and unlike Windows or Mac, it runs on Chrome OS by Google. You won’t be able to install traditional software like you do in Windows or Mac. And that is one of the main reason why can’t install Adobe Photoshop Pro or any other video editing app to edit videos on Chromebook.

I hope you may have understand that why most people think video editing isn’t so easy in Chromebooks.

Okay, let’s directly jump to the main topic now, shall we?

Is it possible to edit videos on Chromebook?

Just like editing photos on Chromebook, it is perfectly possible to edit videos on Chromebook but there are lot of restrictions to do that.

Here are 3 easy ways to edit videos on Chromebook.

1. WeVideo:

WeVideo is an online video editing service which helps users to edit videos without installing any software. You can edit some basic stuff like trimming, color adjustments, etc but there are some limitations which might annoy most creators like you and me.

First, there is a big watermark at the top corner which doesn’t cool at all. Secondly, the free version of the app lets you export the video only at 480p which is ridiculous in my opinion. No one likes to watch videos on 480p these days but this is what you get with their free version.

If you can upgrade free to power plan (pain) which costs $5 a month, you will be getting a lot of more options, then you can export the videos on 720p which seems. If spending $5 on a online video editing service doesn’t bother you, then you should definitely give it a try.

2. Chrome Extensions:

There are a lot of extensions avaialbe on Chrome Web Store which lets you do some basic video editing and offers decent features for free. You don’t have spend on most of the apps which is a good thing.

3. Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark is again a simple yet a useful tool for video editing. Again, it doesn’t have powerful editing features which will replace Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro but it will be really helpful If you want to edit videos on the go.

These are some of my top recommendations for editing vides on Chromebook and all of them are quite easy to follow and doesn’t require a lot of technical skills.


I hope I may have answered to your questions that “Are Chromebooks good for video editing” or not. Chromebook is an excellent device for students and businessman who wants to do things on the go. If you are one of them and have to edit some short videos quickly, then the above mentioned methods are surely going to help. If you found my methods helpful, please share this with your friends. Cheers.

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