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What Do You Need to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Shopify Themes?

Choosing Shopify Themes

If you are running a Shopify eCommerce website and struggle with Shopify themes selection, you must read this blog now. 

Do you know how many peoples are buying online? According to statistics, more than 70% of Americans are buying products online. And there are an estimated 12 million to 24 million eCommerce websites across the entire globe. That’s why your Shopify website and Choosing Shopify themes matter greatly to face this competition. 

In the Shopify theme store, you can see lots of free and paid Shopify themes for your eCommerce website. However, you can also hire Shopify developers to build custom Shopify themes for your eCommerce website. 

But if you are a beginner and don’t have good knowledge about Shopify themes, this article can tell you everything from the beginning. Here you can learn what Shopify themes are, why it matters for your eCommerce website, as well as the best tips to choose Shopify themes that best match your business needs. So, read till the end.

What are Shopify Themes?

Shopify themes are a template that determines how your website looks and feels to customers who visit your store. Different themes offer different styles and layouts. Each theme also offers a different UX depending on how it is designed.

Design plays a huge role in attracting, engaging, and converting your website visitors. This is why the Shopify theme you choose is critical to the success of your business. In eCommerce, your chosen topic must reflect your industry and niche. For example, if you are in the fashion and lifestyle industry, you should choose Shopify themes that look stylish and trendy for your targeted audience. 

Or if you have electronic gadgets, sleek and energetic Shopify themes perform well on your website. Now, you are considering why selecting the Shopify themes is important for your eCommerce business. 

Why Do Your eCommerce Shopify Themes Matter?

Many eCommerce business owners don’t know why to choose Shopify themes only with good research. Here are some major points that can help you understand why Shopify theme selection is important for your business. 

  • A Custom Shopify theme helps in building a professional branding image.
  • Shopify themes help in attracting more customers.
  • It can determine the UX of your websites.
  • It helps in designing your website navigation 
  • It can help in connecting your potential customer. 

Apart from these, you get many other benefits after selecting a Shopify theme. Now, if you want to help find the best Shopify theme for your eCommerce theme then you can contact a Shopify development company India. They are highly professional in analyzing and finding the best theme for your websites. Or you can read further to know some useful tips for your Shopify themes. 

7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Shopify Theme for Your Store

After knowing the importance, you might be thinking about how you can choose Shopify themes that match your ecommerce business. Here are some useful tips for finding the perfect one:

1: Decide on your budget

Shopify stores come in a variety of price points. Therefore, your first step in choosing a Shopify theme is determining how much you are willing to spend on a theme. In developing a custom Shopify theme, there are various factors like Shopify developer services and so on. Here are simple examples of factors that affect the price of a Shopify theme:

  • Developer: More experienced and well-known developers tend to charge more for their themes.
  • Flexibility: The level of customization of your theme affects its price. 
  • Level of functionality: Some themes have limited functionality, while others allow you to turn your e-shop into anything you want. Those with additional bells and whistles, such as forms or SEO features, tend to cost more.

When it comes to custom Shopify theme development, you can get one according to your pay. But, before purchasing, you need to read the fine print and understand the theme's features and functions.

2: Prioritize themes in your Shopify theme store

You can get a theme for your Shopify store from many theme marketplaces. However, I highly recommend choosing from the themes in the Shopify theme store.

One of the main reasons is that Shopify carefully reviews all submitted themes, so you can be sure you're getting a quality and secure theme. Another reason to prefer Shopify Theme Store themes is that you will be assured of regular updates and top-notch support. Here, you need to choose themes that support seamless Shopify email automation and integration. In this way, you can collect more email addresses of users or visitors, as they’re lured into playing an engaging Wheel of Fortune game in return for their email addresses. This is when a specialist like “Tada” comes into the scene, with its hands-on experience in implementation such as Shopify email popups and sales ideas.

3: List the main features and functions required

Choosing the right Shopify theme for your store depends on the main features and functionality you need.

  • Do you want a pull-out trolley drawer?
  • Is the video player a priority?
  • Need forms, landing pages, or a blog?

Finding a theme with most of the features you're looking for will help keep your development costs down. You should move on when you find a theme that has one of the important features you're looking for but none of the others. The key is finding one with most of the themes you want. You can always let the developer add the missing features.

Check out the theme preview page to find the features included in the theme. However, since not all features may be listed there, you may want to play around with a sample theme. You can also use live store examples to help you get an idea of all the features of the theme you are considering.

4: Consider your niche

When choosing a Shopify theme, you need to make sure that it has been designed for your area. Most themes are developed for specific types of industries. For example, an online store that sells various electronics and accessories cannot easily use a theme designed for artwork.

This is because eCommerce needs a theme that can handle many categories and advanced search capabilities. On the other hand, an art store doesn't need as many advanced features.

When searching for a Shopify theme, be sure to filter your top picks by niche. According to your niche and number of products, you can search for themes easily in the Shopify theme store.

5: Design and aesthetics

To get a piece of the global ecommerce action, you need to attract and retain customers to your ecommerce store. This is the key to growing a successful Shopify e-shop. Attracting customers can be achieved through search engine optimization (SEO) best practices such as keyword research.

But keeping customers on your site is all about your design and aesthetics. The right Shopify theme simplifies design by providing the following features:

  • Attractive display case
  • Color palettes that match your brand
  • Easy-to-understand and clear UI

A well-designed Shopify store will not only look amazing but also drive more conversions.

6: Opt for lightweight, mobile-friendly Shopify themes

Website speed is critical to online success as it can affect search rankings, conversions, and bounce rates. If you want to offer your visitors the high page speed they want, you need a fast and lightweight theme.

Lightweight themes focus more on performance and tend to avoid busy elements like animations, fancy sliders, and other unnecessary features that increase file size.

Another benefit of lightweight themes is that they are designed to be simple. Their main goal is to help customers navigate your store and take the action they came for. To create a fast and easy-to-use website, you'll want to choose a mobile-friendly theme.

7: Optimized checkout

Studies show that the average online store loses about 75 percent of its sales due to cart abandonment. The same studies show that a complicated checkout process is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the Shopify theme you choose offers an optimized checkout experience. The best Shopify themes offer a quick and intuitive checkout process, well-designed add-to-cart buttons, and an easy way to check your total cost.

Making the checkout process easy should be a priority, so make sure the theme you choose makes it as easy as possible.

Let's wrap it up

As mentioned above, you can see that Choosing a Shopify theme for your ecommerce website is very important. So, after following these 7 tips, you can find the best Shopify theme that matches your business and attracts more customers. However, if you need any help in a Custom Shopify theme or Online store development services, you can contact India's leading Shopify development company, Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. They offer top-notch ecommerce Shopify development services to global business owners and help them in growing their business. To know more, connect to their team now. 

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