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9 Tips For Choosing The Right
App Performance Testing Service

App Performance Testing

The growth of handheld technological devices is facilitating the quick access of services through mobile applications. Hence, businesses are increasingly adopting these mobile apps to leverage business activities and improve profits and sales. While companies invest sufficiently in the app development process, they fall short of adopting the right tools and techniques to test the performance and efficacy of the app before its release. Performance testing is critical before the app goes live to track all the performance issues and eliminate the errors and glitches in the app before its release.

The QA team must test the app performance on both the client-side and server-side. Client-side testing helps test the front-end elements of the app, including UI/UX, screen rendering, accessibility, app layout, and more. Server-side app testing is rendered on the app server. It helps to test the back-end elements to identify breaking points of your mobile application's technology stack and potential bottlenecks.

Mobile app performance testing is a tedious and challenging process. Because of the availability of many device-specific features in the app, it isn't easy to procure a range of hardware to test the tool. There are other context-based challenges, such as how network quality and user location affect the accessing of the apps and more. Moreover, the testers need to have the right tools, test scripts, test cases, framework, and strategies to test mobile app performance. To overcome these challenges and make app testing more comprehensive, one can outsource its app performance testing service. However, choosing the exemplary service can be daunting. Here are few essential factors you should consider for selecting the exemplary service.

Define Your Objectives

Performance testing forms a critical part of your app development life cycle. It helps to ensure the speed and availability of your app in different working conditions. Before you begin looking for the right app performance testing firm, you need to define the goals, motives, and expected results of the app testing endeavor what the key performance metrics to test how the app delivers performance. You can test the app's performance against its response time, throughput, stability and availability, capacity, and more. The app performance testing strategy must improve the total cost of ownership.

Quality Of Services

To select the right firm, you need to ensure that they can provide quality services. The firm must have the right team to perform robust testing using the right tools, resources, and strategy. They should be proficient in developing manual test cases and automated test scripts. The QA team must conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis on the defined KPIs. Moreover, ensure that they have sufficient experience in this field and can provide reliable services. You can assess their work portfolio to determine how effectively they have delivered their capabilities in the past.

Advanced Tools And Methodologies

The firm must access relevant tools and use advanced performance testing methodologies such as FMEA /FMECA/Resiliency Testing to define the metrics for testing the app. They should be able to address the SLA needs and fine-tune the app to deliver quality performance. The firm must set up the right, customized testing platform relevant for checking your app. Moreover, they should have access to the necessary emulators, simulators, and real devices to test the app's performance. They must check the app at peak points of traffic loads and ensuring that it delivers stable performance and supports device-specific transactions.

Fit The Performance Testing Approach To Overall Methodology

A one-size-fits-all performance testing approach will help you to leverage your app adequately. The app testing firm must customize the testing process and embrace regular bug reports and regression tests. The workflow should be smooth and relevant. Moreover, they must prioritize scenarios to correctly test all the app features and assure that the crucial elements work perfectly.

Keep Your App Idea Confidential

A Non-disclosure Agreement should readily be available to you if requested. It must appropriately outline the terms and conditions for keeping the app idea confidential. You can get the best attorney to prepare the NDA to serve the purpose. The company must support you on track with the development and current status in the app testing process to ensure that they deliver optimal results. They should maintain the integrity of your app development project, and prevent any unauthorized outflow of app ideas, which is a serious propriety breach. The lack of adoption of robust security measures leads to the development of poor replicas in the market which can eat into your revenue. Hence, app security is key to developing a user-friendly and optimized that with unique features that can provide users with a quality experience.

Communication and Compatibility

Besides work ethics, you must ensure that the app testing company's services are compatible with your business. Review their working terms and conditions to determine if they understand your demands and requirement protocols for leveraging effective delivery of services. Check their proximity to your business location to ensure effective communication. They can also use cloud services to communicate to you the current progress about the app testing status. Moreover, before initiating their testing project, they must familiarise themselves with your QA testing tools and framework to ensure that their strategies, metrics, and outcomes are aligned. They should maintain transparency, and convey the advancements in real-time. You can use a dashboard feature that unifies the test results, which can be accessed by your team to learn about the progress in your app. It will also give you valuable insights into the failure of particular tests suites, and ensure the successful removal of bugs. Also, make sure that there are no hidden charges involved that might cost you higher than the expected charges.

Authentic Test Reports

Different types of defects can affect the performance of the app, such as logical, functional, syntax, performance, and interface defects. They must adopt robust app testing protocols to eliminate and remove the defects and bottlenecks. They should perform both client-side and server-side tests, and ensure the successful execution of the test suites so that the performance of your app is not compromised at later stages.

Knowledge of Scripting Language

While the QA tests must have the automation tools to perform scriptless testing, knowledge of scripting languages is a must. They should have proficient coding skills for developing robust test cases to check the features of the app. Knowledge of both Server Side Scripting Languages and Client-Side Scripting Languages is required. Client-side a/b testing helps to assess the front-end, CSS layout, and display of the app, whereas server-side is used to check the back-end features to ensure that the server-side of the app is optimized. The QA testers must have certifications in the desired programming language to prepare the test scripts and execute the tests.

Assurance In Results Quality

The app performance testing firm must perform a compliance assessment and ensure that the app is aligned with the SLA requirements. They must ascertain that the app delivers the required speed, response time, stability, reliability, scalability, and resource usage under the defined workload. It should be free of any performance glitches and bottlenecks before release, and it should deliver it on time for effective delivery of the app in the marketplace.

To Conclude:

These are some of the critical factors you should consider while selecting the exemplary app performance testing service. Keep a keen eye on the operational ethics and compatibility of the company with your business to ensure that you are conducting business with the right people. It will help you to bring your app to completion effectively.

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