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3 Characteristics a Logo Must Have

Characteristics Logo

You must have seen that every business company has a logo as it is the most integral part of any business. The logo demonstrates the aim of the company. It is the identity of a company. People remember the company as soon as they see its logo. The graphical description of a company should be unique and easy to remember. An effective logo will give your business a good kick start. 

Logo designing is an art and not everyone is an artist. To make your logo attractive and catchy, you have to do some paperwork. Your logo depicts what clients perceive about your company. The logo is the source to grab customer attraction. It is essential to have a unique and decent logo that differentiates you from competitors. 

This does not mean to design a messy sketch of the logo. Jot down the aim, vision, and mission of your company. Besides, what you want to represent your company. Creating an effective logo needs prominence in the crowd. This article is based on basic characteristics a logo must-have.

Depict a Story

Before starting any work, try to make the main points or do some sketch work. The logo is the face of your company, it’s your responsibility to present it in the best way. Discuss with colleagues or schedule a meeting to negotiate about logo design and its features.

As you do paperwork, with time you will realize which thing should be added and what should be skipped. Try to depict a story because people remember things with some reference. Market the design to get the attraction of clients.

Characteristics Logo

Typography and Color scheming

Typography is the art to mould and represent words in different forms and shapes. Usually, you focus on the thing that is underlined or bold. Typography is based on the viewer’s attention. For quality logo design, choose the right font and size of the text. The logo should not be bulging out.

Furthermore, color scheming plays a major role in logo designing activity. Each color represents different types of emotions and expressions. The background and foreground should be chosen accordingly. Try to avoid dark background colors, as they give sharp effects. Moreover, hire a professional logo designer for the best services. The experts know accurate color scheming, shadings, and the combination of colors and hues.

Target Marketing

Besides doing all major things, keep in mind your target audience. The public has the power to motivate your logo or demotivate your efforts. Hence, a logo should be designed according to the mentality of the audience. Your logo design will make a good impression of you in front of the public.

After selection of typography, color scheming, try out different suitable designs and choose the best one. As you have to promote your logo on social media posts, billboards, etc, make your logo memorable and well-paced.


Logo plays an important role in the development of a company. One should hire professionals for designing a logo. Authenticity in work is necessary. Checkout for related work, typography, and scheming of colors. Besides, never underestimate your competitors. To make an effective logo design, hire a professional certified logo designer.

Nicole Botello

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Hello! I'm Nicole Botello, a 28yrs old digital marketer from Texas currently living in Maryland and is obsessed with Programming and web design. Currently working with a Social Team Lead for InGeniousguru. This is where I share little bits of me.

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