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Common Challenges That Everyone Faced
in Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Website optimization is a useful method of improving any given website’s performance using tools, experiments, and advanced strategies to drive more traffic, grow revenue and increase conversions. However, it is also often called conversion rate optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the critical elements of website optimization used by many web design services. This technique is effective in getting the website’s pages rank in search engine results.

Importance Of Website Optimization

Website Optimization helps visitors to find an answer to their questions and help to perform and accomplish tasks effectively. For instance, consider you have an E-Commerce website that sells groceries. Website Optimization of such a website improves performance, and a large number of visitors will turn into customers. You can achieve this goal by performing conversion rate optimization, a/b testing the website’s several parts to grow the conversion rate.

Challenges Faced While Optimizing Website

1. Content Uniqueness

Generally, an e-commerce website contains less content than other websites. Content is majorly in the form of product uniqueness. SEO specialists need to verify that the content or product description is unique and not plagiarized.

2. Less Interaction Between Designers And Developers

Business owners hire professional developers to design and develop their websites. Once the website is ready to launch, website optimization is performed by SEO specialists. If the website’s design is not convertible, SEO specialists ask website owners to re-design the website, which increases the cost.

Therefore, the website must be designed under the guidance of SEO specialists. Techmagnate is one of the award-winning SEO agencies that help business owners with top-notch e-commerce web design.

3. Appropriate Link Building Strategy

Most SEO specialists follow outdated methods, like bookmarking, submitting directions, etc., for building links for an E-Commerce website. Targeting the correct and appropriate blog is essential for building a link for the website. Moreover, it is always better to build links for an E-Commerce website’s home and category pages. If trying to build links for the product page and if the product is out of stock, a 404 page appears.

4. Selecting Poor KPIs

Selecting the correct and appropriate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is one of the most challenging things during website optimization. Some typical problems may arise as given below:

  • Selecting the KPI which is not pertinent to the current experience
  • Choosing several KPIs, where some of them might be entirely different from each other
  • Selecting a KPI that is less relevant or far away from the current experience

5. Avoid Broken Links

Broken links have adverse effects on dynamic and static websites. However, there are greater chances of broken links in E-Commerce websites than ordinary ones. If any product is out of stock, then a particular page breaks. However, it isn’t very pleasant to display a 404 page. If the product is not available, it should direct to the home page.

6. Utilization of Image ALT Text

Image ALT text is one of the powerful methods of getting links. If the product’s image is optimized correctly, it starts appearing in the search results. Bloggers use images from Google images in their posts. However, they provide image sources via links. Therefore, image ALT text is one of the ways of getting links.

7. Implement Schema Markup

Many digital marketing agencies are nor aware of Schema Markup. For any E-Commerce website to find relevant and informative results about product reviews, the aggregate rating, and manufacturer, schema code is used. Techmagnate, a digital marketing agency, follows schema markup while developing E-Commerce websites to offer informative data to users.

Benefits of Website Optimization

  1. Web optimization is an effective and productive technique for increasing traffic to the website. If your website ranks in search engine results, it will get more visitors and, in turn, increase traffic.
  2. More visitors to your website will turn into customers. The optimized website offers a top-notch user experience.
  3. Web optimization is the cost-efficient and economic marketing strategy than others. Moreover, it provides more ROI (Return On Investment) than traditional marketing strategies, like TV ads, newspaper ads, etc.
  4. When your website ranks in search engine results, it increases brand awareness and value.


All the above factors mentioned are considered as challenges while optimizing an E-Commerce website. However, these factors help the website to rank in search engine results and improve traffic. You can head over to Techmagnate for e-commerce web design. It is one of the best SEO agencies for its expertise in designing, search engine marketing, conversion optimization, and analytics to increase your e-commerce website’s sales.

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