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What Are the Challenges of
Using Artificial Intelligence?

That artificial intelligence is gaining ground within productive routines such as conversational AI assistant that can follow up on your email leads is beyond doubt. That doesn't mean there aren't challenges in its implementation. We list some of the main barriers to the more massive use of AI in companies:

Lack of Skilled Labor

The lack of training is still a problem in many companies and regions. However, this reality is gradually changing with the entry of professionals with the technical skills necessary to master the technology and use AI in the best way.

Investment Deficit

A company will only invest in something if it has the confidence that it is an asset that can provide benefits in a safe and proven way. However, the absence of studies tailored to the reality of the business ends up driving AI away from many organizations. Not to mention the previous topic: why finance artificial intelligence technologies if there is no human capital capable of managing this?

Difficulties in Process Integration

Including AI in a company's routine requires a digital transformation, which, in turn, involves the integration of different processes. Organizations are often unprepared for this disruptive change or do not have the ideal structure to deliver this step forward.

Ethical and Legal Uncertainties

Debates about the legal and ethical limits of AI are yet another challenge for implementing these technologies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

The great advantage of artificial intelligence is that it allows you to perform tasks much faster and with a degree of success thousands of times greater than humans. Some activities would not even be possible without her.

For companies, the advantage of greater efficiency and productivity is very evident. But there are several fields in which AI benefits everyone. The development of autonomous cars, for example, does not only have the function of allowing us greater comfort. The idea is that they reduce the number of accidents in traffic, assuming that the computer will not make the same mistakes behind the wheel as a person makes.

As for the disadvantages, one of the most talked-about is that it must result in the loss of millions of jobs worldwide. As we have already pointed out before, not everyone will be replaced by machines, but it is a fact that the trend is to decrease, year after year, the need for human labor in many areas. On the other hand, new areas and activities will need new types of professionals. That is, other professions will also emerge.

Still, we can think differently. Could the fact that people need to work less be a good thing? The problem is that there will be a transition period between the current reality and the world in which less human work will be needed.

How Will Society Deal With This?

Artificial Intelligence in Companies

Of course, there will always be market niches with consumers who insist on purchasing handcrafted products and services made with all the care that only a human can offer. But artificial intelligence is here to stay and will take over more and more company processes in all sectors.

Those who are successful in using this technology will produce more and lower their costs, gaining an immense competitive advantage. Every manager needs to be aware of these technological innovations and plan for the future of their company.

Acquire or develop technology? How to get human resources capable of dealing with AI? These are just some of the challenges ahead.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already a reality, and the trend is that it will become even more present in our routines in the future. For this, some ethical and legal issues must be resolved, such as laws that value transparency and data security regulating technologies.

Once this barrier has been overcome, AI has everything to gain a prominent place within organizations and perform functions such as being a conversational AI assistant that can follow up on your email leads for example with the highest performance. With the machines gaining notability, a deep professional evaluation will be necessary as many relationships and jobs may transform.

This is not a war between humans and computers, as there is space for everyone, but a natural evolutionary process. If AI and the Internet of Things are currently the most consolidated innovations, what can you expect in a few years? Only time will tell.

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