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Certified PSM Salary in India

A Scrum is an Agile way of managing the project or we can say, it is a framework to manage a process especially, software development. An Agile development life cycle varies from organizations to organizations. The agile methodology involves breaking the task into several small stages and involving constant collaboration with the stakeholders. The life cycle of Agile project management has the following features: 

  • Envisioning, release plan. Review and release backlogs 
  • Plan iteration 
  • Develop product increment 
  • Iteration review and retrospective 
  • Stand-up meetings 
  • Artifact updates 
  • Deliver increments 

Scrum Master is a term that we come across a lot of time in project management and other Agile practices. A Scrum Master is responsible for reviewing the progress of the project and helping the team to reach the consensus for what can be achieved during a sprint and improves the process of software delivery. A sprint is a specific period. 

A scrum master is someone who addresses the distractions, obstacles, and disruptions so that the team can focus on their specified work. The scrum related job position titles include: 

  • Software engineer 
  • Agile coach 
  • IT project manager 
  • Consultant 
  • Web developer 
  • Scrum Master 

Scrum framework is the best framework of small teams of developers since it breaks down their tasks into sprints. A scrum master overlooks the implementation of Agile methodology. 

A scrum master is different from a project manager. It requires the team to be self-organizing, which means, there is no one to assign tasks to the team members but this decision is taken by the whole team. Unlike a project manager, who assigns daily tasks to the team members, they guard the team against external factors that may affect their efficiency. He/she assures the quality of the project delivery. A scrum master is like a coach who assists the team members to give their best performance. 

A PSM certification proves the understanding of the Scrum practices, values, and the response to challenging issues. Certification helps you get recognition from your peers.

There are many benefits of getting a certification in PSM: 

  1. It is the most sought-after certification course in the IT industry. The scrum methodology reduces the risk of failures, leading to more and more companies resorting to scrum. This leads to an increase in opportunities in the job market for scrum masters. 
  2. Certified scrum masters are known for delivering top-notch quality of products and services. Many organizations simply distribute the tasks of a scrum master to the team members, rather than having a scrum master to do the required tasks. This is not a good practice. A scrum master overlooks the project processes and the team members and ensures the delivery of the project in the given sprint. This also reduces the burden on the team members, and they get a sense of motivation and security so that they can focus completely on their specific tasks.
  3. A certified scrum master can join the community of experts who are practicing in this area and are committed to continuous improvement and adopt best practices. 
  4. Scrum reduces the risks of project failure as we discussed already. It also allows you to identify and make the required corrections. Regular feedback from the stakeholders also ensures the accuracy of the project deliverables. This improves the return on investment and makes the process cost-efficient and less time-consuming. 
  5. A scrum master ensures transparency and flexibility in the project, reduces the chance of failures, and delivers the desired quality of products. This leads to customer satisfaction which is the key to success for every organization. 
  6. A certification allows him to fulfil his role better and acquire the ability to handle the project in challenging situations. 

The responsibilities of a scrum master include the following: 

  • Sprint planning 
  • Managing scrum processes efficiently 
  • Scheduling the daily scrum meetings and stand-ups 
  • Removing obstacles so that the team members can focus 
  • Helping the team members to strictly adhere to the scum practices 
  • Assisting with the product backlogs 
  • Protecting the team from external distractions 
  • Designing product backlog items with the help of product owners

The salary of a non-certified scrum master is lower than that of a certified scrum master. The average salary of a non-certified scrum master in India is INR 95K-100K whereas, the average salary for a certified scrum master is 1200K. The certification also opens the door to become a trainer or coach which can fetch an additional income of INR 50K - INR 200K. However, the salary of a PSM-certification holder can depend on several factors including the following: 

1. Country-wise salary 

The income of a professional scrum depends on the country they are working in. The following table lists the Scrum Master’s salary in the countries where PSM is popular: 




United States 


51,000 - 142,000 



564,000 - 2,000,000 



63,000 - 1,000,000 

United Kingdom


42,000 - 56,000 



95,000 - 145,000 

2. Designation-based salary 

The designation of the individual with PSM certification also determines their salary. Let’s look at the income of different job roles with PSM certification: 


Average Salary per annum (in USD)


$59,000 - $120,000 

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®) 

$60,000 - $122,000 

Agile Coach 

$86,000 - $161,000 

Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General) 

$48,000 - $111,000 

Project Manager, IT

$55,000 - $125,000 

Business Analyst, IT 

$49,000 - $96,000 

Information Technology (IT) Consultant 

$49,000 - $120,000 

3. Experience-based salary 

When it comes to the income and worth of a Professional Scrum Master, experience plays a major role. The salary of a professional scrum master according to their experience is: 


Salary per annum (in USD)

<1 year 

67,000 - 80,000 

1-4 years 

81,000 - 95,000 

5-9 years 

96,000 - 102,000 

10-19 years 

103,000 - 115,000 

>20 years 

> 116,000 

4. Salary based on the company 

There are several companies that pay PSM certification holders a handsome package. Some examples of such companies are JP Morgan Chase & Co, Capgemini, IBM, Sogeti USA LLC, and North Grumman Corporation. 


Salary per annum(in USD)

North Grumman Corporation 

62,000 - 162,000 

International Business Machines(IBM) 



61,000 - 127,000 

Sogeti USA LLC 

64,000 - 72,000 

JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPMCC) 

70,000 - 104,000 

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