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Certificate of PositiveSSL

PositiveSSL authentication gives you easy, reasonable access to industry-standard encryption, which is exactly what you need to get rid of those negative program markers. Try not to let Google mark your site as "Not Secure." Positive SSL has everything you need to meet program requirements and win back your customers' trust. With PositiveSSL, you can change negative program pointers to positive ones.

  • As strong as 256-bit encryption
  • The strong signature key with 2048 pieces
  • Process of issuing completely automated
  • Can be given and started in a few minutes

A simple Comodo SSL Certificate is the best way to protect your online business, web server, and clients. Aside from that, it is smart with money and comes with extras like a FREE trust seal to help you win the trust of a possible client. It supports up to 256-bit encryption and 2048-piece signature, so you get the most out of the high level of security that is available. Most well-known cell phones around the world and 99.9% of the people who use the Internet today trust these SSL endorsements. Comodo is a trusted brand and has a great reputation in the SSL certificates market for its industry-leading customer service and expert help.

Certificates from Comodo PositiveSSL

PositiveSSL is one of the most well-known SSL endorsements, and there's a good reason for that. This cheap, easy-to-use SSL certificate is perfect for online journals, personal pages, and other sites that don't handle a lot of customer information. Like all of Namecheap's low-cost SSL plans, PositiveSSL gives your site encryption, approval, and reliability.

  • This is very unusual for individual websites or online entertainment.
  • Validating an area
  • Encryption for a Single Domain (up to 256-bit)

What's important and why

Area-approved, 2048-piece Industry Standard SSL Certificate Instant "No Hassle" SSL Authentication Every Day, Every Week, Every Month, Every Year, Unlimited server licenses

Computerized approval means no paperwork, and there's no risk to this multi-day discount strategy.

  • The policy of unlimited re-issues
  • All well-known programs trust us with 99.9% Ubiquity
  • $50,000 Dependent Party Guarantee
  • and both have a Single Domain Name (FQDN).
  • Encryption with 256 digits

Security at a Higher Level

Comodo Positive SSL Certificates support 128-digit encryption levels and are backed by 2048-piece marks. This is in line with what the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has proposed for the strength of SSL root keys.

Cost: Starting at just $7.95 per year, this is one of the most affordable SSL certifications you can get today. You can buy these declarations for as long as five years.


When choosing an SSL provider, your program's compatibility is one of the most important factors. Positive SSL is trusted by 99.9% of the people who use the Internet right now.

Help from the best experts in the field

Comodo, the company that makes all of the authentications we sell, has become known for its industry-leading customer service and expert help. As a valued customer, you can expect quick answers to any problems or questions you might have while applying for, setting up, or using your SSL declaration.

Why do you need Positive SSL Certificates?

Positive SSL Certificates from Comodo are SSL certificates that are highly trusted and offer business-level encryption at a passage-level price. It's a paperless approval system, and all that needs to be done is approve the responsibility for the area.

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