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Card Payment Machines UK

Card payments have overtaken cash payments as the preferred form of payment. Businesses must consider how to accommodate customers who prefer using both card and mobile methods of payment. One relatively recent solution for doing this is with a mobile card payment machine.

These terminals can be mounted on the countertop or taken with you on-the-go. They accept contactless cards as well as Chip and PIN transactions for added security.


Zettle provides a selection of point-of-sale devices for both mobile and fixed locations, including its Zettle Terminal handheld card reader or with receipt printer dock that accepts chip cards, contactless payment, Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as providing cellular connectivity.

Its free POS app works on smartphones or tablets, allowing you to setup a product library and monitor inventory. Plus, it integrates with e-commerce platforms and QuickBooks Online so sales data is updated automatically.

Zettle stands out from other POS solutions by not charging monthly or hardware subscription fees, nor does it have an early termination fee, which is common with many POS providers.

The company's in-person transaction fees are 2.29% + 9 cents for swiped or inserted credit and debit cards (QR code transactions included), 3.49% + 9 cents for keyed-in transactions, and 2.5% for payment links customers can send you via SMS or email. These rates are much lower than Square's 2.95% per in-person transaction and 1.79% plus 0.09 for European cards.

Zettle isn't a full-featured point of sale solution, but it can help small businesses manage and take payments quickly and efficiently. It provides sales reports and inventory management tools to reduce overstock, forecast demand, and prevent shortages. Plus, Zettle integrates with accounting systems like Xero or QuickBooks Online for even further convenience.

Zettle's POS app also enables you to generate and share secure payment links, enabling your customers to make payments from anywhere. These links are encrypted and PCI compliant, providing a safe way for charging customers.

Telesales businesses can benefit from these features, as customers are able to make purchases over the phone and receive invoices or payment links for online payment. Unfortunately, the higher fee associated with using payment links may prove costly for these types of businesses.

If you need to take more than a few in-person transactions or sell on the internet, Zettle may not be your ideal POS solution. Though it offers mobile POS functionality, it lacks built-in appointment sales and tracking features found in other POS options. Furthermore, Zettle doesn't support loyalty awards tracking or marketing campaigns either.

Barclaycard Business

No matter if you're a sole trader, an eCommerce business owner, or run as a company, Barclaycard has card payment solutions tailored to fit your requirements. From basic card machines to more sophisticated options that can even be linked to your business bank account or credit card account - Barclaycard has what you need!

If you have a fixed checkout and don't want to spend too much on equipment, a desktop card machine with an easy lease agreement could be ideal. These usually have a minimum lease period of 18 months but could be cheaper if your monthly turnover exceeds a certain threshold.

Conversely, mobile businesses that don't have permanent premises might consider investing in a portable or mobile card machine. These devices are easy to transport around with Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity built-in.

You can opt for a mobile card machine connected to your Barclaycard account through Barclays Anywhere. This solution is ideal if you're a taxi driver, tradesperson, or sole trader and need to accept payments on-the-go.

Barclays also provides a foreign currency account for those who sell abroad, helping you reduce the cost of international transfers and streamline transactions - making managing your money overseas much simpler.

In order to open a Barclaycard business account, you must meet certain criteria and present some form of identification. Different account types exist - including one for start-up businesses and another for businesses with turnover up to PS400k.

Business credit cards from your bank are an ideal way to keep business expenses separate from personal ones. Furthermore, they can be utilized for managing cash flow, monitoring employee spending patterns, and earning rewards and discounts on purchases.

Be wary of business credit cards with high interest rates. Additionally, you could face late fees if you don't pay off the balance in full each month.

Barclays also provides several online payment solutions, which can be used to sell products and services directly through your website. These can be tailored to match your brand and feature fraud prevention tools that help reduce cart abandonment. They're set up for a monthly fee but it may take some effort to implement them.

Tyl by Natwest

Tyl by Natwest is a card payment machine provider in the UK whose machines are designed for convenience and ease of use. They can be used in various business locations and also support mobile phone payments and online transactions through the Tyl Portal.

Customer support for PayPal can be reached Monday through Saturday from 8am to midnight and Sunday from 9am to 5pm, which extends beyond the four hours provided by Square, Zettle and Stripe.

Tyl offers card readers for purchase through an easy online form that requires only minimal information about your business. Once approved, you should receive your machine within 48 hours. It accepts chip and PIN, contactless cards from Visa, Mastercard and American Express as well as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Tyl by Natwest is an ideal option for businesses with high transaction volumes, as it offers competitive pricing and next business day settlement. Furthermore, the company is PCI compliant, so you can rest assured that they take the necessary security steps to safeguard your data.

If you are new to accepting card payments, Tyl by Natwest offers a number of helpful resources such as guidance on becoming PCI compliant and an online learning centre. Plus, its data-driven insights can help enhance your business performance.

The company provides customers with a number of features, such as free next-business-day settlement for card transactions and no-cost card machine rental and online gateway fees. Furthermore, you can link your card machine to Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage Business Cloud for added convenience.

Tyl by Natwest has an impressive presence on review sites, boasting a 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot. However, while there are plenty of positive comments, these are few and far between; lacking the same online community as Square or Zettle, it can be difficult to find unbiased evaluations about their service.

Thus, it has lower customer score scores than Zettle and Square but performs better than Revolut and SumUp in this area. Furthermore, it offers the fewest reporting tools of all its rivals - on par with Square and Stripe in this respect.


myPOS is a pan-European fintech company that has assisted 100,000+ businesses reduce fees and streamline payments since 2014. Their mobile POS devices can be used by all types of business, from street vendors to small food and drink establishments and taxi drivers alike.

MyPOS' card payment machines in the UK accept various credit and debit cards, as well as NFC and mobile wallet payments. Furthermore, these terminals permit charging fixed amounts which helps track cash flow and expand your business.

They come in two varieties: myPOS Smart and N5. Both offer a large touchscreen that enables users to add products to an inventory library, set discounts, manage orders and even attach a receipt printer for added convenience.

The myPOS Carbon is a robust device suitable for hazardous areas like gas stations and chemical/petrochemical industries. It also comes with free POS register software, making it ideal for table service staff or corner shops who must keep an eye on inventory levels.

The myPOS Combo is a smaller and more portable option than the Carbon, though it lacks some features. Still, this device could be an excellent choice for table-service staff or corner shops alike.

MyPOS provides a range of online and mobile payment options. For instance, myPOS Connect is a cloud-hybrid POS solution that enables you to integrate e-commerce and sales data from multiple locations for improved engagement, sales, and purchasing.

MyPOS provides free multicurrency merchant accounts with dedicated IBANs and instant access to accepted funds. Its business reporting tools and value-added services make it a great option for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to enhance their operations.

MyPOS is proud to be a partner of Banking Circle, an international payment service provider that strives to remove barriers and simplify local payments. MyPOS utilizes their modern API integration for easy, cost-effective local payments for small and medium sized businesses. In addition to their free e-money account, customers can take advantage of a free myPOS Business Debit Card which enables them to manage their spending at over 2 million ATMs worldwide.

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