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Can Buying TikTok Followers
Actually Help You Grow

Are you also wondering if buying tik tok followers can actually help you grow?

Have you ever wondered about the pros and cons of it?

If you happen to hop on this page, then we know you did.

But guess what? We have too. We have not just wondered and left wondering, we actually did research and found some useful insights.

These insights will help you find out if buying can really help, and if you are to buy what kind of followers to buy, plus a platform that facilitates all these purchases.

How Does Buying TikTok Followers Work?

Before we get into our study results, let us talk about how to buy tiktok followers. Buying followers may seem simple and straight-forward.

After all, all you have to do is just find a website and take out your card and fill the inputs. However, it should not be taken this lightly, for there areplatforms that exist not to sell you those followers but merely to take money away from your cards.

When it comes to buying titok followers, there are a few things you want to pay attention to.

  1. Does the account have videos?
  2. Does the account have more followers than following?
  3. When was the last time the account interacted with something?

These three things will identify how quick you get the results by buying tiktok followers. After all, you are investing your money and expect something in return, right?

Does the account have videos?

While the bots can possibly have videos, attention should be paid to the date and the number of videos as well.

Because tiktok as a platform is not that ever-green. If a user is active, chances are the user is posting videos at least once a week, or sometimes more often.

Sometimes there are services that offer followers who used to belong to real people. This means the account used to be managed by a real person until the person lost, sold, or forgot the account.

These accounts are trusted by the platform and by the algorithm. These can really help you grow even though they may sometimes be inactive.

Does the account have more followers than following?

As humans we like being important, or at least want to be. Social media platforms give us a medium to feel important by becoming an influencer.

This may be the reason why you are here reading about growing your TikTok followers by buying them.

This brings us to the second point and proves it. If you saw an account with about 100 followers following more than 10000 profiles, what would you think?

Of course bots. While bots are really not that bad, we will explain just a little later. You know this is not a real person.

So, when you want to really grow and you are ready to buy TikTok followers, you need to find accounts that at least look like real people.

Because in case if someone else was to check your followers, they’d know immediately where those have come from.

When was the last time the account interacted?

This is really the tell-tell sign of a real person. If you have a follower, try following back and turning on all the notifications.

I am sure you’d be sick in a matter of hours from the number of notifications TikTok sends to you about the interactions of that person.

If the account doesn't have many interactions overall that is not a big problem. But having history of recent interactions will just be a more of factual sign to know if the account is a bot or not.

How to Buy Followers on TikTok

Let us assume you googled the word “buy tiktok followers'' and then a bunch of sites came up. So, you want to try one of them, but you are wondering how to choose one.

Well, we already gave you a recommendation but in case you want to do the research here are some tips to find the best platform.


Due to the nature of this business, many of the platforms won’t focus on the user experience. Because most of them know that users won’t be buying tiktok followers forever, they only do so until they reach a certain number of followers or level of popularity.

Which is why, paying attention to the features and the service makes a huge difference between a legit social media seller compared to the amateurs or the newcomers.

This can come in many forms, but one of the harder ways to pull this off is by offering real human chat.

If you happen to hop on one of them, try to talk to them and see if they have this feature.

Trustpilot reviews

It is no secret that Trustpilot is the go to review platforms nowadays for all kinds of businesses and platforms.

Having positive reviews is fundamentally what serves as a proof of the business legitimacy and its positive results.

Pay close attention to the comments and read what the users are writing, since you may have some negative reviews.

If those negative sides of the company happen to be something you cannot ignore,move on to the next provider.

To Wrap Up

Let us answer the question that we set out in the beginning of the article.Can burying tiktok followers actually help you grow.

The answer is yes, only if they fall under a certain category which has been explained.

You now know how to distinguish bot followers from humans, and how to find real platforms.

So the followers you buy should only have two things.

  1. Followers should come from those legit companies with positive reviews on Trustpilot and other trustworthy review websites.
  2. They should be the accounts that have recently posted and interacted and have content of their own.

That said, occasionally bot accounts also help you grow by sending positive signals to the algorithm that your account is interesting and worth following.

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