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Business Benefits of Live Streaming
and the Strategies to Use

Live Streaming


As any top marketer will tell you, it’s crucial to have a strong and unique social media presence. It offers a fantastic forum to have direct interactions with your followers and also improve your brand awareness. One of the hottest social media trends today that you need to know about is live streaming. Live streaming can be defined as the sharing of audio and video from a private location or an event. It gives businesses an important avenue for sharing news over the internet. If you are new to live streaming, don’t worry. In this article, we tell you about the benefits of this social media marketing trend, and the strategies to implement it the right way, including the role of Instagram feed WordPress plugin

Live Streaming Increases Brand Awareness

One of the benefits of live streaming is that it grows the reputation and audience of a brand. It helps you capture a huge audience by just streaming meaningful and exciting content. Once you have got the attention of your brand, you can go ahead to share your story and inform your followers of your product or service offering.

It Helps You Connect Better with Your Audience

Another reason you should take live streaming seriously is that it allows you to have a more memorable and meaningful interaction with your customers. This also means that the audience can interact with you immediately, thereby fostering genuine connections that your audience will access right from home. Live streaming is also a fantastic way of building a brand community. If you manage to excite your followers, they are likely to share the recorded live streams of your brand. This makes it be able to generate more buzz. 

Reduces Advertising and Marketing Costs

As experienced marketers will tell you, paying for expensive TV ads that consumers barely have time for is not a smart move. Through live streaming, brands get an opportunity to be seen by tens of thousands of followers without the interruption of advertising. Also, it eliminates restrictions on format and time. The blog WP Dev Shed says, All you need to showcase your brand is a webcam or a good camera phone, and the proper apps, for instance, a top Instagram feed WordPress plugin.

It’s Good for SEO and Increasing Followings

For brands that are looking for a way to increase their following on social media as well as SEO, live streaming can be an incredibly vital tool. With live streaming, you can encourage your audience to like your content and page. In turn, this can grow your social media presence and also increase your traffic and revenue.

It Helps Brands Share Their Stories

The vast majority of consumers today are millennials whose decisions are made based on original stories and valuable content. The key to attracting and retaining loyal customers is to be a brand that can share real stories that connect with viewers at a personal level.

It’s nearly impossible to counter the advantages of live streaming. That’s because it is an optimal way of getting services and products in the minds of your consumers. Since brands are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of live streaming, they are beginning to hire digital marketing staff with experience in live streaming and WordPress Instagram gallery.


Firstly, you need to take a keen look at your audience before deciding the exact message you are looking to share. By choosing clear aims for your campaign and knowing what you want to stream and when you will be in the best position to pull off an excellent live stream.

After you’ve come up with the objectives for your campaign, the next thing is creating the guidelines for it. The size of your business notwithstanding, chances are that more than one person will be involved with the project. It is, therefore, important that everyone reads from the same script. 

Another thing you want to consider when thinking of live streaming is that it is not without some pitfalls. And as is the case with all live broadcasts, there is the aspect of the unknown. Also, businesses ought to think carefully about the locations that they are filming to minimize risks of things like nudity and bad language, to mention but a few. 

The other thing you will want to take into account is the difference that there is between push and pull notifications. In social media, a pull notification means that the user has to check their social media platform to see your pre-recorded or live event. On the other hand, a push notification where you tell your user that you are about to go live or you are live.

Data collection is yet another thing that you will have to consider. The best way to approach it is to harness the analytics of the available services. One outstanding benefit of using social media for marketing is that it lets you plan as well as track your posts using one tool only. But this isn’t the same when referring to live content. Instagram Live, for instance, enables you to save the video content, although it won’t save the analytics of who interacts or likes your feed.

Before you pick a platform, you should first check the tools and analytics at your disposal as the publisher or broadcaster. You will most likely find that one serves your process and audience better than the other. If a lack of analytics is made up for by a bigger pool of viewers, then you can go ahead with it.

Being live should also mean that your interactions are. When hosting a video, ensure that you respond to comments and shares. At the same time, you need to encourage those watching and even add more written content to go with it. Also, remember to follow users who follow you since they have clearly shown that they like your brand.

Lastly, you also need to ensure that you create an unmissable offering. You should always be guided by a need to produce content that your users not only find engaging but also want to share. It should be so good that your users take it upon themselves to encourage others to watch it later.

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