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Best Browsers for Downloading Large Files on PC

Best Browsers for Downloading Large Files on PC

In the distant past, downloading large files or games often takes hours to download, and that is never cost-efficient for people. With how technology continues to advance in the digital area, where formats, these days, are HD/UHD, this has proved to be more challenging for people.

Our traditional browsers don't seem to match up to par as some of them either lack the graphical support or the best engine to download those huge files.

Things have changed, as there are now impressive browsers coming with optimized engines and the best graphics interface that is needed to support the downloading of those huge video files or games.

In this article, we will be listing out some of the best browsers being used these days for downloading large files. Browsers that are well optimized and efficient for people to visit American online casino. The list below is in no particular order.

UR Browser

UR Browser is one of the best modern web browsers available which is known for its flexibility, three levels of privacy, most important for this article, its download speed.

Ur Browser first debuted for desktops and laptops, but now, it is being deployed on mobile platforms. It was tailored and designed to block cookies and ads at default while loading pages of websites. So you don't have to worry about the annoying ads you'll face on those websites you download from.

According to a review, it was claimed that with a stable internet connection, you can download large High-Definition video files in minutes with this browser which can give you the experience of 400% download speed.

Other features of UR Browser is privacy protection (which they take pride in), ad-blocker, inbuilt malware scanner, one-click download, and many others.


This is one of the oldies and giants in the industry. Opera can now download large files faster than some of its competitors with the help of their Turbo Download Manager extension.

This tool will see you’re downloading of huge files much faster than before regardless of poor or limited internet connections.

The Turbo Download Manager uses the multi-threading download technology which splits up the files into smaller units to increase the download speed.

In Opera, the download can be paused and resumed and it can also detect media files automatically before you download them. Opera can also be used to check out amazing sites like aussie online casinos for something interesting.

UC Browser

You'll probably find several people claiming that UC Browser is the best browser for downloading large files. It is a browser known for its easy navigation, simple designs and its incredible download speed both on the mobile and PC platforms.

The browser is perfect for downloading large files both on Windows, Android and other desktop operating systems. Along with its download speed, UC Browser also has ad-free surfing, cloud sync, Video-Bar, malware blocking, and many more, to offer to the people.

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