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Is Your Boss Spying on You Whilst You Work From Home? This Is What You Can Do About It

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, 47% of US workers had never worked from home. Today, over 40% are classed as remote workers. There's a similar thing happening in many other countries. What's more, this remote working revolution is here to stay.A study by the McKinsey Institute found that 25% of workforces in advanced economies will continue to work remotely after lockdown restrictions end.

This is great news for workers. After all, this innovative way of doing business has helped many people craft a better work/life balance, including spending extra time with the family and waving goodbye to stressful daily commutes.

None of this would be possible without remote working apps like Slack and Zoom. However, the technologies that appear to set us free are also being used for more nefarious ends. Surfshark researchers recently looked at how remote working apps impact our privacy, and the results are rather disconcerting.

For example, did you know Slack keeps a record of every message you've sent, including chats with work friends? And bosses don’t have to be a tech genius to pull them up and read your most private thoughts.

Zoom automatically saves all recorded meetings to the cloud. Then there's Microsoft Teams. It hoovers up information from your chats, voicemails, files, and personal profile. It can even create a detailed report on your exact location.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to protect yourself from being spied on in your own home. Find out what they are in the infographic below...

Is Your Boss Spying on You?
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