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How to Boost Remote Employee Productivity
with a Reward System

Remote Employee Productivity

The onset of COVID has changed the way businesses operate, making remote work the new norm for many companies across the globe. How, though, can businesses create an effective work from home (WFH) strategy? And what kind of tools can help?

You may already have tools in place to foster this collaboration with platforms like Dialpad to aid virtual coffee meetups and quiz nights to create a happy office culture.

What you might have overlooked in this process, though, is the importance of employee recognition. 

The importance of employee recognition

This is where the power of reward systems come in! Simply put, a rewards system refers to anything that recognizes employees’ efforts and accomplishments in the business, offering perks as a result. 

Employee recognition is vital to increasing productivity and engagement since it will provide your team with a sense of value in the company. All departments will benefit and it will be of huge benefit to your user engagement strategy, since happy, valued employees are more likely to interact with customers in an engaging and thoughtful way.

To help, we’ve compiled a list that will outline how you can use reward systems to boost remote employee productivity.

Leverage tech to recognize employees

Remote Employee Productivity

Make use of the tech at hand and use it to recognize employee efforts and accomplishments. If you’re a company that uses customer onboarding templates and has a complete, well-built process for customer journey, it’s high time to take all necessary tech and apply in internally as well. Utilizing an effective business process software, for instance, can help you better manage your team and track all your employee’s efforts.

Then, you could set up a weekly team round-up to give virtual shout-outs to employees who have surpassed the mark or delivered well on a project. Consider using online collaboration platforms, too, to recognize employees in this way, perhaps building an in-house system that actually includes employees in the process of rewards and recognition.

This public acknowledgement will not only increase the feeling of value amongst team members, but it will also deliver a good message about your brand. Showing others in your industry that you value hard work will spread the message that you care about your team.

Provide the human touch

While tech is always an efficient tool to dish out rewards, it can often lack that personal touch. Consider accompanying online rewards with a personalized, handwritten letter from time to time. This shows sincerity and proves to employees that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to recognize and value their efforts. 

This is especially important at a time when remote work reigns supreme; providing that human touch can really boost employee confidence in your company.

Reward with learning development

Remote Employee Productivity

Developing your team’s skills is key right now, especially at a time when most employees might feel like their future is uncertain. Not only will itboost productivity, but it shows employees that you value hard work and development. 

Instead of just handing out rewards in the form of coupons or prize money, consider giving back in the form of online courses,certifications, and virtual mentoring

The key is to keep it relevant to each department. So, if an employee has excelled in content creation, consider linking them up with an SEO course and teach them how to do keyword research. 

Reward by improving their WFH routine

Often, employees might be lacking some equipment that could really enhance their remote work, in turn affecting their productivity and contribution to projects.

Resolve this issue and relieve stress by rewarding employees with a small allowance to invest in equipment that will level up their WFH routine. This can be anything from new chairs and standing desks to tech like headphones, microphones, or monitors. 

Reward with spontaneity

COVID has all but killed spontaneous moments, and day-to-day WFH routines can often fall into the same pattern with little change. Spontaneous moments are all about providing people with a novel experience and improving overall workplace culture.

Consider incorporating more spontaneous moments into your workspace by rewarding employees without notice. Perhaps send chocolates or a meal kit; keep it exciting. 

These little gifts don’t have to be expensive - you probably have a few small business taxes draining your finances already, so don’t worry about spending a lot of money. It’s all about personalization and injecting a little fun into their routines.

Reward with gift boxes

Remote Employee Productivity

Consider sending out company swag boxes that contain personalized water bottles, stationery, and clothing. 

This will not only help workers feel proud of their company but will also embrace your brand. Not only that, it will aid in speeding up their adaptability to working from home by adding some valuable items that can be used during their work routine.

Key takeaway

It’s clear that remote work raises many challenges, but the most effective strategy will combine online collaboration and virtual social events. Additionally, it is essential to have a remote work management system that recognizes and rewards employees.

Building a secure rewards system will work wonders for building a good reputation and also contribute to your overall brand success. 

Consider using a range of online collaborative tools and platforms to create innovative reward systems. This means considering all options and thinking deeply about the tech you use and its benefits to your business:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of converting to VoIP?
  • What platforms are the best for promoting online collaboration?
  • What tools can you use to promote a healthy WFH routine?

It could also be useful to monitor the impact that new rewards systems are having on employee productivity and output, so consider analyzing your call center report or customer feedback to see which are most effective.

In short, reward systems aren’t as time-consuming and expensive as you might think. They pay off in the long-run and the great thing about them is how personalized they can be to your business.

Author: Grace Lau - Director of Growth Content, Dialpad

Grace Lau

Grace Lau is the Director of Growth Content at Dialpad, a HIPAA compliant VoIP and AI-powered cloud communication platform for better and easier team collaboration. She has over 10 years of experience in content writing and strategy. Currently, she is responsible for leading branded and editorial content strategies, partnering with SEO and Ops teams to build and nurture content.

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