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5 Ways to Boost your Business Using Social Media

It is true to say that social media has become an indispensable tool in today's business world. Smart business people use this tool to get ahead of the pack in today's tough, highly competitive business environment. Since everyone is using it and trying to outsmart everyone else, one has to be very careful in selecting the strategies to use. How to boost your social media presence requires tactics and strategy.

Make Maximum Use of Videos

Surveys have revealed that social media users are more enticed by videos than by text. The videos can be your You-Tube video posted on any of your other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. It makes sense too, give anyone a single page of the paper on which a color picture is at the bottom and the top part is filled with written text. The eyes will go to the picture first, studying its finer details.

One survey showed that more than 80% of businesses in the US use video format on their websites. The same study showed that 70-75% of businesses also use video on their social media platforms. Videos keep the audience interested and engaged. They are curious about what will happen next and therefore keep watching. Remember, people, remember more of what they have seen than what they have read.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Your business should know which particular platform to use for which particular brand. Some detailed preliminary work is necessary before deciding on the platform to use. Of course, we are not saying one brand should be posted on one channel. Far from it. One brand can be posted on two or more platforms.

Choosing which channel to use is influenced by the target market. Who is most likely going to buy your products? If it's a final end-user, rather than a middleman, then you would probably use Facebook. If the product is designer sportswear fashionable amongst teenagers then your best bet would probably be Instagram. Twitter or LinkedIn could be an ideal choice for someone selling to retailers and wholesalers.

Study Your Competitors

Another useful approach in trying to decide the best platform to use would be to look at what your competitors are using. You must look at competitors who are doing better than you, who have an edge over you. Study the platforms they are using, and try to work out the reasons why. It's paying dividends for them, so why not join them? 

Choose What Works Best for You

Proper management of social media advertising takes up a lot of man-hours; and it can get complicated too. No law says you have to use Facebook, or Twitter and Instagram. Popular as they are, if they do not fit your brand, do not use them. Besides, the cost factor will tell you not to overdo it. It is probably better to use only one platform and concentrate your whole time and effort on it, than posting on multiple channels. In the latter case, monitoring and keeping track can become a nightmare. Measuring results and comparing them to set targets can become impossible because of the workload.

Know Your Target Market

You just don't want to splash logos, photos, or audios on your social media page.

  • Know who you are targeting and how to do that. 
  • You could try direct inquiries through email surveys. Not everyone will respond but those that do usually give honest feedback.
  • Identify those who are happy with your service delivery. You can tell they are happy because of the volumes of their orders. 

Statistics show that billions of people use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram every day. Amongst these billions are the people you want to reach out to and engage in. You want them to know about your brand, get interested, and turn into potential customers. But, there is a catch. Every business is aiming to do the same. The platforms are flooded with posts from businesses out to get a piece of the pie. You need to have an edge. 

Design a Schedule and Offer Value

Lastly but equally important, design a schedule, a calendar for your posts. This shows organization. It also helps avoid mistakes and unnecessary repetitions. A particular post on Sundays, when people are relaxing at home, another on Friday afternoons, when women are planning their weekend shopping, and so on.

Another effective way of using social media is to boost your business is to offer value to potential customers in your posts. Use the value-first approach. This way you cultivate loyalty and trust. You hook the. When you finally post the sales ad, you have people who are scrolling it who are already familiar with the brand.

To conclude, try to be different. Try to stand out because only then will potential customers and clients notice.

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