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Bolkar, a Social Audio Q&A Platform -
Every Question Deserves An Answer

By Simmi Bhatnagar

The human mind is designed to have questions throughout life. Questions can be simple or complex, but every question deserves an answer. Questions have led to the discovery of everything. We know the importance of asking questions and seeking answers. This is one of the reasons that question and answer platforms came into existence.

A few decades ago, our source of knowledge and getting answers was limited. However, digitalization has opened infinite portals for the ever-curious humans. The q&a platforms are built where people can satisfy their questioning minds and also share their knowledge with the world.

In India, an audio Q&A platform- Bolkar app was launched. It is a platform that works fully on an audio basis. Users can ask questions and listen to answers. Users need not type as the app works in a vernacular space. India is a land where Hindi is the most spoken language, thus it is made especially for those people who cannot take the advantage of the digital world because of the language barrier. 

Why is Bolkar a unique platform?


Bolkar is designed keeping in mind the needs and thought process of Indians. Around 500 million Hindi speaking Indians use the internet. As the platform works in Hindi and on voice, this makes it suitable for Indians. In the self-reliant India program, it had become necessary to have Indian digital platforms spread their roots towards a vernacular space.

In the present era, every digital platform is easily accessible by smartphones, thus there has been a massive growth in smartphone users. People from rural areas can also enter digital portals from smartphones. The Bolkar app is a mobile-friendly application so people from all economic backgrounds can easily access it. After all, if we look at things practically, a smartphone is a need and almost everyone has it.


To be precise, Bolkar is not just a question and answer app. It plays the role of a guide. On the Platform, users can get guidance on various matters and also give guidance to others. Earlier, people would shy away from asking for basic guidance or opinions, the virtual community has helped thousands of people come together and help each other on their path. It gives users a chance to enlighten themselves, to show light to others, express what is on their minds, and learn.


On the app, questions are answered by various people who have expertise in that field. Generally, the guidance and expert advice are chargeable. People book sessions or give payment per question to be answered. However, Bolkar allows people to get expert advice for free. Anyone who has downloaded the app can clear their doubts and get advice. This is very important for youngsters who need career-related or relationship-related guidance and cannot afford to ask the paid experts, or do not have any close elder with whom they can discuss it.



Humans have a voice of their own. Every voice should get a place to be heard. We all seek a comfort zone where we can speak freely and be heard. We are more comfortable sharing our opinions in our language. Bolkar gives that comfort to users. The platform welcomes all who want to speak and be heard. It does not discriminate. People of all ages, all backgrounds are given the freedom to unleash their voices. This is one of the features which help people who are hesitant to speak up otherwise.


Bolkar is a community where people help each other. Since the users are Hindi-speaking people they understand each other quite better. Indirectly, it gives users a chance to be a helping hand in someone's life. It lets us do the good deed of being of some help to others.

We explore and learn a lot in our life. The wisdom and experiences we gain can be of help to somebody who goes through the same. On the app, people can guide others in such situations. This is particularly a great feature for people residing in rural areas. These people lack wisdom in certain fields. For example, students from these areas may have questions regarding careers, and people who are aware can help them, or show them the right path.

Other than that, it also became a direct help system. To be precise, a user on a platform had left his job, and was asking for guidance or help. Another user who was looking for people to employ in his business offered him a job. The question and answer platform became an employment giving platform for him. This instance was followed by many more where people got direct help from each other.



Every question cannot be asked on search engines. Bolkar is not just a question-answer platform, it is a place where people discuss their problems and look for solutions. Every question deserves an answer and people at Bolkar acknowledge it. For example, a lot of youngsters share their relationship problems and get guided to heal or sort out the situation accordingly.


Bolkaris audio-based. How is that a plus point? First, people do not have to exert pressure on their eyes for reading the answers they need. Secondly, we can hear things anytime, anywhere but it is not always possible to read. Listening has a better impact on our minds. When someone is stressed or worried or confused and they are using the platform for getting guidance, information, or opinions, speaking and hearing give them the same comfort and satisfaction as if they are talking to each other personally.


As a knowledge platform, Bolkar not just answers the questions rather it keeps users updated and aware of the events happening around the world. People need to have that awareness. The intention behind this app is to make Indians smart, aware, and empowered.

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