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Sick of Daily Mail Ads? The Ultimate Guide to Blocking Them on All Devices

Daily Mail is a Uk-wide tabloid newspaper in the English language which is very popular due to its controversial news. But unfortunately, just like other newspapers, approximately 80% of the news is covered with daily mail annoying Ads.

The fortune is there are ways through which you can get rid of those vexing ads.

Why Can't the Daily Mail Stop Showing Lots of Ads?

It seems Daily Mail follows: nothing comes before the profit even not their customers. But in reality, Daily Mail is indulged in various social services. And they seek showing the ads could benefit their small business to some extent.

Daily mail includes lots of commercial ads which is really annoying. It is almost impossible to read the actual content due to daily mail annoying Ads.

The worst happens when you click on the link accidentally, your information is shared with the associated marketers. And in a result, they will start showing their ads everywhere, whether you search for something on the browser or using an app.

Despite ads, daily mail includes co-sponsored posts as well. You share your information by clicking on them.

Always remember if there occurs any problem, the solution must be there. Now let's see how to get rid of adverts on Daily Mail site.

How to Get Rid of the Annoying Ads on the Daily Mail?

Although the free content Daily Mail shares with its users, it deserves to show such ads. But when talking about the frustration, the associated advertisers block the maximum part of the content. The way they indulge their ads on every other website is so annoying. Ads distract you a lot and hinder you from doing your work with focus.

When you have the options available to block the ads then why not avail it? If you are not comfortable with these ads then follow the steps:

  • AdLock app: Install the app on your device and block the ads from Daily Mail.
  • Load the content on Daily Mail and then turn off mobile data or turn on Airplane mode. Cancel the loaded apps and you can read free content.
  • On your browser, use the ad-blocking extension. It will block maximum ads free of cost.

Block Ads from the Daily Mail Website

When using the Daily Mail official website on a browser, you can use built-in ad-blocking extensions to block the ads. You should know how to get rid of adverts on the daily mail site through the extensions.

Although the built-in browser ad-blocking extension is a free method to block ads and work on even popup ads as well but is detectable. The ad providers will detect it and will never let you have the content unless you turn it off.

But it works well with some browsers in some cases. Let's see the steps on Internet Explorer:

  • First, install Microsoft Edge to block pop-ups and redirect from the settings.
  • Click on Settings and more-> then settings. Then you will see cookies and site permissions.
  • From there select pop-ups and redirects.
  • At last turn on the block toggle.

Get Rid of Daily Mail annoying Ads from the Application

Just like the website, Daily Mail displays a number of ads on its mobile application too to earn profit. The app even doesn't offer any subscription to avoid the vexing ads.

But the technical world has provided us with lots of free and paid methods to get rid of Daily Mail's annoying Ads.

  • Restrict the data sharing permission. It will restrict most of the ads from showing
  • Turn on the Airplane mode
  • Or choose a paid application: AdLock and choose a plan according to your need.


AdLock will block all threads from your device and is undetectable. You have to choose a plan from three plans and pay for that. Install the App on your device, and leave the rest on the App and you are free from daily mail annoying Ads.

Pack up

The Daily Mail is annoying with ads but useful without them. So remove some ads through the web of settings or just install AdLock on your device and forever you are free from daily mail annoying Ads. It's worth paying for the knowledge. The choice is all yours.

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