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How Big Data Analyst Helped to Increase
Business Sales & Turnover

Big Data

The market has been deluged with big data, it has become a driving force to dictate the outcome of enterprises. Data analytics helps in predicting trends and practices in the market that is going to dominate and helps organizations to build strategies in accordance. We see many challenges today in the market with problems of data theft and breach. The flow of data and its security has become a top priority in every industry. Big data is utilized to extract beneficial information by analyzing the data. Due to rising demand, IT students and candidates are taking up Big data Hadoop courses for accelerating their careers.

What is big data?

Big data is inclusive of huge chunks of data collected from various sources and segregated in datasets. In the present scenario, Big data is a field that uses tools to handle data sets that are huge to manage easily. The data is received mainly in three forms structured, unstructured and semi-structured and at present predominantly data comes in unstructured format from multiple sources such as social media channels and others. In the traditional means and tools are not capable of handling the present data and unable to cater to the needs. Big data technology is extremely beneficial to decode the data into advantageous insights for businesses. Big data counter many modern data challenges related to top data storage, management, analysis, and implementations.

Big data is featured by three main characteristics:

  • Volume: It refers to the amount of data generated in a company. Social media platforms and websites are a prime source to generate data. Particularly in B2C companies, the data plays a vital role to assess and reach the decision.
  • Velocity: It refers to the speed of data-generating in the organization. At present data is pooling in from web platforms and it is like a data explosion with billions of exchange among the users on social media and a very fast inflow and outflow at such a speed that it becomes a challenge to process this data.
  • Veracity: Veracity refers to the forms and structure of data is coming in and outgoing. Big data is inclusive of both structured and unstructured data. This data can be in the form of text, images, videos or documents. As the data is collected in such format data analysis becomes challenging and affects the quality of data.

How businesses leverage big data for its growth and scaling up the revenue

As the latest technologies reshaping the market and bringing changes in business practices. Data analytics is valuable for an organization as it strengthens the decision making proves and formulating strategies for the future. It aims towards enhancing user experience and achieving scalability in business.

  • Aligning data analytics outcomes in setting up business decisions: The Big data analyzes all of the data in the organization and uses it to make informed decisions. It helps to get data analytics outcomes to set up the goals keeping in mind the targeted audience. The data helps to formulate the goals keeping in mind the key takeaways from the analysis.
  • Better services enforcements: Data analysis helps to study consumer behavior and decipher the user demand for upgrading the service. It helps the businesses to assess the demand and supply cycle and decipher the average delivery time to decide on the making commitments as per requirements. The decoding of delivery time helps to achieve the goals and add to the revenue.
  • Use it for customer retention: Organizations can use data for understanding the pattern and increasing user engagement and retention. Today business does not find it hard to collect huge datasets to understand the patterns and employ data analytics mechanisms and act on it. Coca Cola Company has used big data analytics to understand the customer pattern and built digitized loyalty programs to retain customers.
  • Improvement in managerial functionality: Enterprises can take entire business processes to the next level by implementing data analytics. It allows businesses to acknowledge SWOT analysis. Data analytics helps organizations to increase revenue by enlarging the organization.
  • Advancement in advertisements: Marketing and advertising companies embrace big data and create analysis by observing the online activities and consumer market trends to attain the focused and advertisement focused on targeted customers. Personalized and targeted advertising campaigns help to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The best example of this is Netflix using targeted advertising to render personalized experience to users. To ensure success, organizations hire professionals to make construct marketing campaigns and use data analytics for getting the best outcomes. Big data Hadoop courses are gaining momentum as more candidates are ready to explore opportunities in the Big data domain.

Key takeaway:

Big data can reap huge benefits for companies in enhancing their opportunity for growth. The data is growing incessantly and accommodates useful insight and information that can be crucial for business success. It becomes challenging to manage and process data to derive useful information, but with the right skill and knowledge, it can be achieved. Big data course assists to leverage the skills and knowledge to achieve a company's objectives. For candidates who desire to build a sturdy foundation to move ahead in the market, Big data training is the best option. Big data analytics helps you stand out from the crowd and let you put your skills for the organization's use.

Companies looking out for the professionals to enhance their performance by implementing big data analytics must hire candidates with Hadoop training certification. Big data is creating ample job opportunities for the candidates and the availability of candidates is much less than the demand. To bridge this skill gap many training providers offer big data Hadoop training and programs. If you build a business and want to sell it later, this data you collect will be valuable. You can get assistance from a business broker later but start thinking about the value of your company and it's data now.

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