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6 Working Torrent Sites in 2021
(Best Torrenting Sites List)

Best Torrenting Sites

I have received many questions about this topic from friends, family and clients. Sometimes I even asked what the site being torrented means! For this reason I just want to write something for the ease of transfer of knowledge in the future. Read on to find a list of my best torrent websites and now hopefully reduce the hassle of your search!

Many people prefer the torrent website to download content; thank you for being comfortable and free. End of the day, the best torrent site and the top torrent site is a reliable source to download a collection of content including music, games, software, books, videos, and more with zero costs. All you need is just a good internet connection and a functioning torrent search engine, preferably using the best torrent sites and the top torrent sites, explains Noman, a cyber security consultant at Proxy FAN.

But downloading files through P2P technology is sometimes complicated, so the rich torrent website and rich content and the best torrent sites in your bookmarks are the way to go.

How we make a list of the top torrent sites (which are still functioning!)

Considering the fact that the website and government torrent wares with each other, we have made a list of only the torrent websites that still work together with the main details such as:

This year has been established - 'founding year' of the Torrent website is an indicator of its reliability. If the Torrent website runs from the last 5 to 10 years without being closed, it means this website is very reliable.

The URL / Mirror site - we also include the Mirror site URL, so if the main URL does not work for you because of geographical restrictions, you can always go with a mirror site.

Alexa Ranking - Adding Alexa Ranking is an additional task to show the popularity of the website among Internet users. The higher the number of Alexa, the higher the popularity of the website.

The forbidden area - as mentioned earlier, the Torrent website is blocked in many regions in the world. We have added a list of all areas for each website where it is blocked or inaccessible.

6 Best Working Torrent Sites List

We have created a list of torrent websites that function and the best torrent sites available globally so you can continue to enjoy downloads for free. The majority of this torrent website is the best out there, liked and loved by Torrenters. Without further ado; The following are the top torrent sites and the best torrent sites.

1. The Pirate Bay

Being the world market leader Torrent, Pirate Bay (TPB) is in the best Torrent site rankings in 2018 and still holds the title. This site accommodates hundreds of torrent files from various categories available in a simple drop-down menu, making it among the best English torrent sites for all.

The torrent site offers fast download speed depending on your internet connection speed. Even though the website has been blocked in various countries, it still managed to continue and run. Users can quickly get free Pirate Bay software anywhere on the web and through the website too.

2. Limetorrents

Limetorrents is a famous torrent website that has the largest database of more than 9.8 million torrents. It offers several categories that include TV shows, games, movies, applications, anime, and software.

We previously mentioned about the private bay and the library of its extensive content, but nothing was close to Limetorrents. Limetorrents is not a tracker site; It still provides hundreds of torrents. The website has good download speeds that need less time to complete downloads.

3. GKTorrent

GKTorrent is a good torrent site for Mac users. This site focuses on small torrent files that can be downloaded easily. They mostly provide TV series and film with good HD quality. The best torrent sites and the best torrent sites.


Don't go with the appearance, but EZTV is a popular site founded in 2005. The website interface is not funny because it messes apart and filled with content and pop-up advertisements, but after being taken over by a new group, The EZTV proxy site is getting better.

Exceptional quality torrents, and extraordinary content libraries. For Torrenting users, EZTV is an excellent alternative to the BitTorrent Mininova website. The Top Top Site is a good torrent and the best torrent site backup to have.

5. Rarbg

After 2008 RARBG came to fame because it managed to provide an average of 300,000 torrenters every day. It has a significant content library of various categories so that it comes under the best torrenting site 2021. RARBG offers ten different categories that include TV shows, films, anime software, and more.

RARBGS download speed can vary depending on the internet connection that you have. You must have a reliable connection that is good for torrent sites to work smoothly.

6. iDope

iDope is a different type of website. It provides torrent files when taking a magnetic link directly to torrents. By providing more than 18 million torrents, they offer a simple user interface so users can download torrents on different devices.

It has many collections of TV shows and films that are trending and have a good collection for classic fans. A great addition to list your best torrenting sites and the top torrent sites.

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