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Best Web Design Practices to
Implement on Your Site

Best Web Design

As a web developer, you work to create websites in a nice and user-friendly way. But if you're looking for more creative ways to design your site, you landed in the right place. First of all, many thanks to website builders, landing pages, and an abundance of free stock images and free templates, which have allowed us to create decent landing pages and websites for business.

Moreover, thanks to the same patterns, sites can provide a relatively good user experience. They use well-designed navigation systems, color schemes, and layouts that internet users are already used to. Of course, when creating websites, web designers pay attention to what works and follow popular trends. And this results in many websites starting appearing the same, including landing pages, images, and even website patterns too. That's why we have listed some of the best web design practices to implement on your website to make it unique from others. 

If you notice the most reputed brand sites, you will realize that they have a uniqueness in their designs, color schemes, design patterns, and even graphics. This is because they pay more attention to their designs, brand reputations. This is what makes them stand out from the crowd. Such websites not only attract users but also play a crucial role in conversions too. 

The Best Web Design Practices

Designing a website is really a daunting task without any technical knowledge. First, you need to initiate from designing a framework as per your business requirements and understand the rules of designing. Below we have listed the top 7 best designing practices recommended by experts and online resources.

1. Right placement of logo

Logos play a significant role in a business website. It is the identity of your business and brand. Logo can be anything, including your brand's name, any alphabet, or symbol that ultimately represents your company or business. And the right placement of the Logo on the website shows integrity and professionalism. If you've noticed the top brands, you will realize how significant their Logo is on their website, and most of them use the top left right corner or top center to place their logos because it is the warmest place of a website where any user looks first. 

2. Navigation bar

The navigation bar and menu is the most critical part of a website. It helps users navigate within your website and lets them land on the right page on your site. The best way to design a navigation bar is to keep it simple and familiar to users because new things can distract users from the primary purpose of visiting your website. Navigation bars take users where they want to go, including the Home page, Blog pages, Products list, Contact us, Services, etc. You can include an option where you want your users to land. 

3. Banner image

The most visible section of your site is the banner image on the header of your website. It appears on top of the website every time you open any website. So you need to pay special attention to this part of your website. The primary purpose of the banner image is to grab users' attention and give them ideas about your brand. An attractive brand image always makes us fall for your website and motivates them to perceive your products and services. A banner image is needed to place only on the home page or the main page of your website, and it is better to take help from expert graphic designers to design unique, attractive banner images for your website. 

4. Quality content

As we mentioned earlier, every element of a website is crucial, and at the same time, we can't compromise with the quality of content. Content is the King and always will be. Content not only makes websites readable but also plays a significant role in website designing too. It helps users tell about your brand and services, while quality content makes websites attractive. Web pages with overloaded content can make your website boring and can drive users away. Content boxes, bullet points, Columns, short paragraphs, etc., are some most effective ways to add content on your web pages to attract user's attention. You can also do experiments with typography and content fonts to give a unique touch to your website. 

5. White spaces 

Content with white spaces can do wonders for your website. It can make your website attractive, give breathing space to readers, and increase the content's readability. White spaces enhance the complete website design and create the necessary contrast between the background, visuals, graphics, etc. Minimalist web design helps attract new visitors and convert the old ones into leads. The ultimate goal of including white spaces into the website is to remove all distractions, increase site loading speed, and improve user experience. 

6. Color schemes

If you notice top brands, they only choose a particular color scheme and follow it into their entire web pages. Most of them are the combinations of hue colors including Vermilion, Amber, Lekko, Azure, etc. you can choose any color schemes you want as per your brand theme. With the help of the right color schemes, you can make mental and emotional connections with your users. So choose wisely. 

7. Mobile optimization

Average 67% of total visitors on any website are coming directly from thor mobile phones. So if you're planning to design a website, don't forget to optimize it for mobile users too. Optimizing sites for mobile phones will make websites load on mobile screens and help users find your website on smaller screens. However, targeting mobile devices can be limiting for designers, mainly due to the need to stick to grids to make the site responsive. You only need to focus on the most relevant but appealing elements on top to make your website attractive and searchable. Put the most pertinent things on top, including CTA at your site's hot places, optimize the site loading speed, update metatags, optimize images, and much more. 

Final thought 

Life would be much easier if you followed the same trend as others, but if you want to do something extraordinary, you need to think out of the box. Do research, practice new styles, find more possibilities of doing the same thing. It will definitely pay you back. If you still find it difficult, then contact web design Melbourne experts to help you out.

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