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Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2021

Earn Bitcoin

Being the initial cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has gained a huge popularity in recent years. The concept of bitcoin is uncomplicated - it is in the form of a digital asset, not a physical asset and you need to have a bitcoin wallet where you receive your earned bitcoins.However, it is important to assess the risks and do proper research before you invest your hard earned money in bitcoin.

Here are some efficient methods to earn bitcoin:


Some platforms pay in the form of bitcoins for spotting and reporting any kind of bugs in their software. If you are a tech enthusiast and have a handful of knowledge in this field, you have a lot of scope to earn from this method.

You can point out the glitches and also suggest ways to improve their websites and software that will help you gain extra income. It is a great source of earning bitcoins with no risks involved, the only primary requirement is competent knowledge.

Crypto writer

If your words have the ability to influence people and make them understand your stance, you can become an article writer on cryptocurrency. There are a lot of fluctuations going on in the crypto market and if you have adequate understanding to write on the latest trends, you can publish some quality work for sites that are looking for writers or you can register on platforms that hire writers. This is a quite simple task that does not have any high risks associated with it.


There are various bitcoin lending platforms that help crypto owners who can lend their bitcoins to connect with crypto borrowers. The lenders provide a certain rate of interest on the bitcoins. The interest rates might be pretty good but it is also essential to consider the risks involved with this method.

The borrowers are not held liable through any collaterals, so the lenders might have to face a loss sometimes. Ensure that you are collecting all the information beforehand and choose a website that looks valid.

Bitcoin faucets

Faucets have been largely preferred because of their low risk features. The only thing that you need to invest here is your time, in a way, it is exchanging your time with money. Bitcoin faucets work similarly to pay to click websites where you get paid for clicking on certain ads or completing some tasks, and in return you get paid with bitcoins.

You may not expect a large amount of earnings but a compact amount that requires your time and patience. There is also an alternate option to this where you can own a faucet and gain profits through displaying ads on your website.

Buying and holding

This method is a traditional one that many people follow for other investments too. You need to buy bitcoins, for that you must have a bitcoin wallet and hold them until their price increases. This method is best for long term investments because you may have to have some patience and wait till the price goes up. As soon as this happens, you can sell them and earn profit.

Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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