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Name the Best Training Software
for Employees of 2022

There are some employee training programs that help an organization achieve greater heights. So which is the best training software for employees? Let us get to the details


It is a digital adoption platform that allows an organization to formulate an exclusive training program for employee training. It would also point to onboarding on various software platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and a lot more. It is more in terms of self-service, and user knowledge for continuous learning.

With this module, an employee needs to follow in-app guidance along with interactive walk-throughs that make employees efficient. It would allow your employees to obtain more in terms of ROI. This goes on to showcase the new product features and check out the courses at the right time. It makes sure that the employees are going to use the tool correctly. Some of the features of Whatfix could relate to

  • Course creation and in-app content
  • No code course creation
  • On-the-job learning modules

Talent LMS

This works out to be corporate LMS where the focus is on employee onboarding, training, and compliance training. What it does is that it allows an organization to create an employee training program with a few clicks in terms of the house. It leads to mobile-friendly to be learning at their own pace, and this is the start and the stop of leisure. This provides an organization with easy-to-use creation tools for simple course creation. Some of the key features are

  • Easy to drop and drag
  • Learning sessions on a live basis
  • Customized branding along with designing.

Learn Upon

This tool is known to provide the HR teams with a suite of tools for building to assign, monitor, and assign corporate employee training in a centralized hub. It allows an organization to develop an internal wiki along with knowledge bases for employees to figure out answers for company policies, along with FAQs.

It is bound to provide specific training solutions for enhancing for employee boarding and training. Hence the team features, for specific teams such as sales training. Some of the key features are

  • Knowledge base creation
  • Automated workflows
  • Custom course creation


The platform provides a series of software tools for organizations for developing employee training along with development programs. The training program would relate to ProProfs. Hence knowledge base products are known to provide companies with a help center to figure out solutions in terms of their own problems. There is a module of quiz maker, that allows the HR managers or departments to find out whether the employee has gone on to retain the knowledge they have learned during the course. Some of the features that includes

  • Creation of employee course
  • An online quiz creation


It is a type of platform that goes on to provide organizations with content management tools for creating interactive, walk- in apps that goes a long way in enhancing the productivity levels of the employees. The companies are able to monitor the progress of the overall performance. Some of the features include

  • On-screen guidance along with walkthrough
  • Cross-platform capabilities


The platform is known to provide standard LMS features and goes on to enhance the experience levels and employee engagement along with the features of the employees. A point to consider is that the employee training program is an easy one to use, and it can be custom branded. This allows an organization in contributing to their training programs and gives an idea on how an organization may measure the success of their ROI programs. The key features includes

  • Custom course creation
  • Quiz along with test creation


Happens to be an AI and a learning platform, that would allow an organization to develop its own customized programs. It does allow an organization to formulate its own customized programs and gain access to crowd-sourced employee training programs. It is going to be from the best of companies.

The focus is on AI and crafting better employee training programs that relies on the use of analytics and features to measure the success of an employee training program. This goes on to showcase the fact that all the programs turn out to be effective.

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