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Best Technology Skill for Market Industry

Technology Market

Since the IT job market is tough right now, companies are doing everything they can to get the best IT workers. Robert Half Technology's 2023 IT Salary Report says that some companies will be the first to offer the most in-demand jobs this year, whether they are related to data or to security. The study also shows how experience affects the average salary for each job. The report says that there is still a lot of interest in the high-tech industry.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers are in charge of managing an organization's cloud-based systems, creating and putting in place cloud apps, and moving existing apps to the cloud. Experience debugging cloud stacks, securing applications on the cloud, and making cloud-based solutions.

Database developer

Database developers are in charge of making new servers, keeping them up to date, figuring out what the business needs are to better understand the technical requirements, and fixing problems with servers. You should know how to fix problems with databases, know what the best practises are, and be able to figure out what front-end user needs are. Database developers should know how to use big data engines like NoSQL databases, Oracle Database, Hadoop, and big data infrastructure. Usually, you will need a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field and more than three years of experience as a database developer or in a related field.

DevOps engineer

DevOps engineers build and improve IT systems and act as a bridge between the development team and engineering to make sure that coding and engineering work well together. Improving and maintaining IT and cloud infrastructure is a very important job that will help the business be more productive in the long run. DevOps engineers need to be able to deploy automated applications, keep applications running, and figure out what risks and benefits new software and systems might have. This job usually requires at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field, as well as experience with automation, infrastructure deployment, and service development on cloud platforms like AWS.

Front-end developer

Front-end developers are in charge of writing code, designing apps, keeping them up to date, and making changes to them. For this job, you need to be able to make web and mobile apps that focus on the user experience, functionality, and ease of use. They need the ability to manage complex projects and achieve design requirements while ensuring end-product scalability, serviceability, and efficiency. Front-end developers write and analyse code, fix bugs in applications, and have a deep understanding of databases and networks. Most of the time, you need a bachelor's degree in information technology or a field related to it, as well as experience using multiple programming languages.

Help Desk (Tier 2, 3)

For businesses that work with customers, the help desk is a key part of how well the business runs. As the first line of customer service and problem solving, help desk workers need both technical and soft skills to do their jobs well. Robert Half Technology has three levels of roles for help desk technicians because their jobs and requirements vary so much from one business to the next.

Administrator of networks and computer systems

Network and Computer System Administrators are responsible for managing the day-to-day operation of computer networks within an enterprise. You should have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and know about LAN/WAN protocols, software, and hardware.

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