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Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Each and every online brand constantly interacts with a large number of clients. Customers express their opinion, and wait for a reaction from company representatives, especially when something goes wrong. Meanwhile, other clients can read such comments and refuse to use the service. As it is impossible to track them manually, it’s recommended to use social media monitoring tools and their benefits.

Services for social media monitoring analyze all available content and find brand references in it. Their capabilities are not limited to just checking up the information. Several platforms track forums, directories, and search engine mentions and provide other useful options that you can check over here.

Their main advantage lies in the automation of routine tasks. It's hard to imagine that an SMM specialist will manually search for mentions. If a company is just entering the local market, this is quite possible. But as awareness grows, the number of posts will increase.

Large brands can collect several hundred comments every day, and each of them needs to be analyzed. It is not necessary to prepare a prompt response to all of them, but there are situations when a quick response is valuable.

The mention tracking service collects all comments, but there are configurations to search only for negative and sends alerts. Therefore, automation helps to quickly find negative reviews and interact with their authors.

Some services look for not only occurrences in the text, but also mentions in the form of URLs, logos in pictures, and various contexts. New opportunities are constantly emerging in monitoring platforms, which bring more value.

The main advantages of monitoring services are the following:

  • Identification of important messages — those posts that require prompt reaction are displayed in a special interface.
  • Brand reputation management. You can cover up negative experiences and maintain customer loyalty.
  • Monitoring the activity of competitors. If the main competitors in the market are not communicating with customers on social media, this can be used as part of a promotion strategy.
  • Search for new opportunities. Analysis of user opinions gives fresh ideas for updating the product line or changing the structure of services.
  • Search for influencers. Bloggers often write about products and services without sponsorship.
  • Automation of routine tasks.
  • Tracking trends.
  • Creation of brand advocates. Prompt response to problems will help increase the number of loyal followers of the company.

Online reputation tracking services have many advantages, but before you can get the most out of them, you need to make the right choice.

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