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Best Programming Languages in 2021


Programming languages and computer coding have spread like wildfire over the recent years. As a result, life has been simplified and made easier. Applications in banks, learning institutions, automobiles, hospitals, and homes all depend on code. It has become essential for people to learn how to code because it's slowly becoming a requirement for job applications. In order to write substantially good code, you need to have some knowledge in one or more of the programming languages available. Of course, as a computer science student you may be quite familiar with thoughts like “can I pay someone to do my homework?”, but that’s really important to master the underlying concepts of programming on your own.

The continuous development and advancement of programming languages have seen digital technologies scale to greater heights. Programming languages are especially useful in IT, research, data analytics, engineering, and web design.

So, which programming languages will remain in demand in 2021? How many programming languages should you learn to secure a well-paying job? This article will attempt to answer these questions.

Let's dive in!


At the top of our list is Python, a programming language that's most popular among individuals starting their coding journey. It is an easy to learn a language that's taught in most institutions of higher learning.

Most students use this language to code because it's easy to develop with. The coding process is pretty straight forward, and the learning curve is steep. If you're thinking of learning a coding language, you should definitely consider Python.

It offers you a clean and well-structured language that's powerful enough to develop applications. You can use it to explore desktop and web applications, data science, machine learning, as well as network servers. Since it enjoys massive community support, there are several open-source libraries, modules, and frameworks that will guide you through application development.


Did you know that Java is celebrating its 25th birthday this year? That's right! The fact that this programming language has been around for 25 years is enough credibility. Java is popularly used to develop server-side applications on android devices, as well as create highly-functional platforms and programs.

It is an object-oriented coding language that doesn't require special hardware. This greatly saves on infrastructure costs. As a result, it comes with a reliable level of security and it is easy to manage. Moreover, Java is easy to learn as compared to programming languages like C++ and C.


If you want to venture into software development, learning this language is a good place to begin. This language is popular among developers because it is designed to create interactive web pages and dynamic front-end displays.

Aside from being used as a front-end language, JavaScript can also be used on the server-side in conjunction with Node.js. These two are used to build scalable network applications. Node.js is compatible with Windows, OS X, SunOS, and Linux.

Since this programming language has a flexible and forgiving syntax, it is one of the friendliest languages recommended for beginners.


Swift is the programming language used in mobile app development. All of the Apple products have been built using it. Apple first announced this programming language in 2014, so it's a relatively new language.

This is an ideal language to learn because it was designed to match the realities of iOS environments. Since Apple is not going anywhere, seeing as it's the tech industry leader, learning Swift is an investment in your future.


Kotlin is a programming language designed to be compatible and interoperable with Java. It is a general-purpose language that comes with type inference. Even though it is an Android-based language, many developers who don't deal with android applications ask for it. This is because of its ability to effortlessly homogenize functional programming and object-oriented features it comes with.

The seamless inter-operation between Kotlin and Java allows Android developers to enjoy the process and achieve their goals faster. The merge between these two languages results in an overlap that addresses most developers' issues when dealing with a singular language.

Kotlin's tooling support is suitable for large businesses and companies. In fact, brands like Pinterest and Coursera have since embraced it as their default programming language.

This language's beauty is that even though it is easy to learn Kotlin, it offers developers superior coding features. As an open-source language that removes any adoption-related barriers out of your way, it is a must-learn language if you want to remain relevant in the future. You get to use it for web, server-side, Android, and desktop development.


PHP is a coding language dedicated to web development. It is a suitable language for beginners because it makes coding effortless and enjoyable. If you're new to programming, PHP allows you to pick up something new and run with it.

This is the reason why many cybercriminals successfully hack this code. PHP is so easy to understand that even non-programmers can have a go at it. This dynamically typed language does not come with hard rules. You can easily build features in your applications that are flexible and solution-oriented.

Furthermore, like JavaScript, PHP is forgiving to syntax errors, so it allows you to run applications with problematic code.


Ruby is among the most popular programming languages for web development. The script language is found on most Rails web application frameworks. Many beginners find themselves gravitating towards this language because of its welcoming and helpful communities.

The Ruby community even has an unofficial saying, "Matz is nice, and so we are nice." The community's proactivity ensures that you learn how to code in the shortest time possible.

Members of the community strive to emulate Ruby's chief investor's considerate and kind behavior.

Besides the active community, Ruby offers you credibility, which is evident from the businesses it associates with. Shopify, Bloomberg, Airbnb, Twitter, and countless other startups use this programming language to build their websites.


Learning how programming languages is an investment in your future because coding is here to stay. These seven languages are a good place to start because they're credible and easy to learn. As a beginner in coding, it's recommended that you choose a programming language with a welcoming and helpful community. This way, you can learn the language in the shortest time possible.

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