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Best Programming Languages to
Develop Mobile Applications


Mobile application development is now one of the most lucrative industries in the world. There are many reasons why this industry, over the last few years, sees significant growth. One of them is the new programming languages that are coming in.

New programming languages are making it much easier for developers to build robust and user-friendly applications. Because of this particular reason, Mobile application development in Canada and the US are now transforming. And with that, we can expect to see some more robust programming languages in the future.

That been said, what programming languages are common among developers these said? To help you out, we would be listing some of the top programming languages that developers are using these days. So without further ado, let's get right into it.

1. JavaScript

On the top of the list, we have JavaScript. This programming language is ideal for cross-platform app creation. Also, you can use it for cross-platform mobile app development and web surfing. In addition, it works flawlessly in settings other than browsers and may be built using a variety of computer languages. Therefore, JavaScript is one of the best programming languages.

There are many advantages of using JavaScript. First, it is a convenient and robust language that developers can use in a variety of ways. Also, it's simple to operate with and maintain control over in comparison with other languages. Moreover, client-side browsing is speedier and does not require compilation. Also, there is no essential system, and there is much leeway for creativity.

However, on the downside, it is a bit insecure and, in some situations, can be used for nefarious purposes. Also, in rare circumstances, you may run into browser support troubles. Furthermore, the client-side scripts are a little more volatile than server-side scripts.

2. Kotlin

Another great programming language that developers use in Kotlin. Kotlin is an improved version of Java. It is a dynamically typed programming language used to create current Android apps. A great feature of Kotlin is that it can impact other programming languages, such as JAVA. As a result, it can create high-performance and reliable apps. A slew of famous apps such as Trello, Evernote, and many more, have Kotlin support.

Many users have found Kotlin to be a great choice for app development. The use of clear, simple, and observant syntax boosts team productivity. Also, it is interoperable and adaptable, and that is why it can easily overcome JAVA's weaknesses. Moreover, it has full Google and IDE compatibility, including Android and SDK toolkit installation packages. In comparison with JAVA, it generates code that is compact, straightforward, and better.

On the other hand, Kotlin is currently a new language in the industry that is difficult to master, so consider twice before choosing it. This makes it difficult for beginners to learn this language. In addition to that, there are a finite number of learning resources available. Therefore, on the technical side, it can be a little slower at times.

3. Python

Python is the ideal language to use if you're an entrepreneur looking to build an app for your business. It is a popular programming language for creating online apps, pc programs, video tools, artificial intelligence, network servers, and other apps. Some of the big brands such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are all examples of Python. It is the top choice for many developers due to its strong framework compatibility, comprehensive interaction, and better control abilities. 

One of the best things about this programming language is that it is fast, easy to use, quick to deploy, and has excellent readability. Also, it is a high-level programming language for analyzing, calculating scientific and numerical data, and developing software. Moreover, it supports GUI applications and is used to create scalable software. It also supports multiple systems and platforms.

On the drawbacks side, the processing time is sluggish and quite slow. Also, with modern mobile application development, this isn't the case. Moreover, it is also not an ideal choice when it comes to memory-intensive tasks. Apart from that, it also has some issues with data access.

4. PHP

For phone applications that require access to the database, PHP is among the highly popular programming languages. Developers use this language to create apps that need server-side scripting or command-line scripting. It's commonly used to make eCommerce apps, bandwidth software, interactive web applications, and smartphone applications. Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia are just a few of the popular PHP-based websites.

It's simple to use, platform-agnostic, and extremely versatile with interoperability. Also, it is great for apps with a lot of information and loads rapidly, even with a sluggish online connection. Moreover, it has built-in measures to protect against sophisticated cyber-attacks when it comes to security measures. Beginners will benefit from this language since it will enable them to grasp complex programming concepts easily.

On the drawbacks side, since it is open-source, it can uncover bugs fast to exploit its flaws. Thus, it is also not an ideal choice for large-scale applications.

5. C++

This is a well-known programming language for application development. It's a general-purpose language with lower power modification capabilities. Developers can use C++ to create gaming applications, GUI-based programs, financial software, and other applications. Because it can easily adjust to new devices or platforms, C++ is common among Cloud services programs.

If we talk about the pros of the language, it is efficient and reliable, with many pre-built modules and compilers. Moreover, if you can learn and have a good grip over C++, you can easily and quickly learn JAVA and C#. Apart from that, developers have complete authority over the software, operating on any system and utilizing any equipment.

Talking about the cons of C++, the syntax is complicated in this language. Also, the standard library of this programming language is limited. Once you learn it, you can learn other languages; it is the most difficult programming language to learn. Also, it does not support waste management and dynamic memory allocation. In comparison to other languages, modular design is quite important.

Wrapping Up

Although you don't need to be an expert in application development, you still need to know the process. Therefore, it would be much feasible if you choose an application development company for your project. Then, with the help of the experts, you can easily make the most out of your project.

But before you choose any company, make sure to check their past experiences. It is vital to select the best one to have the best services for your application development.

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