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Best Practices to Consider When
Promoting Your Company on Social Media

Promoting Your Company on Social Media

Most small business owners are currently confident that their social media strategies are great but are that really the case? What seems to be great is not always the case so let us think about some of the best social media business promotion strategies you can use at the moment. Just make sure that you always remain focused on your audience and the type of business that is promoted. As an example, a visa offering service like ‘immigrateful’ cannot be promoted as a firm that offers web design since the audience is always attracted by something else.

The 1 in Seven Rule

This is something that you have to always remember. It is really simple: 

Out of 7 social media posts on one channel, one has to promote the business. The other ones have to offer content that is really valuable for your target audience, community posts that are as relevant as possible. You should only break the rule when the business promotion is combined with really good content.

Engage in Conversations

It is so easy to engage in a conversation with your fans, and it is a shame to see that businesses usually do not do this. As a simple example, you can always consider, a restaurant can so easily ask the customers what the favorite dessert is. This shows that you value customer feedback. Questions have to inspire and engage followers in order for them to eventually refer more business to you.

Always Offer Value

It is great to include some posts that are fun, and that reflect the personality of the business but the content that is created needs to mainly benefit the follower. Tips on safe practices or white paper access are two examples of what you can do. At the same time, take advantage of the possibility of offering social media deals for services and products. They do work well and are appreciated by fans.

Do Not Use Messages That Are Syndicated

It is not at all a bad idea to utilize tools that aid you in writing great messages and then have them posted on various social media channels. However, when you do that, the sincerity that should remain behind any message is lost. Similar language can always be used on various social media networks, but you do have to take the overall tone of that network into account.

Based on the business that is promoted, the customers may be scattered on various networks. With this in mind, it makes sense to use those where they are really active, but you can use others too. For instance, if just 25% of your audience is on Pinterest, you can create a board and engage there. You do not lose a lot of time, and the overall increase in social media following is great. On the other hand, if you share your stuff on YouTube, you can get more benefits as more than 2 billion people to use this platform each month.

On the whole, promoting a business on social media is all about the value that is added and how you engage with the followers. In the event that you do not show that you value them, you will lose their attention.

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